Friday, April 9, 2010

No Recess For 40 Years

From 40 years ago at  the students of a very small school made of 3 classrooms in a tiny village in Northern Delta had not known that they would not have a recess on that day or even finish the 2nd class , 150 students went on that day from 40 years ago and they did not know that 30 of them would be killed while the rest would be injured. 150 students went to their small classes on that morning of 8th April 1970 without knowing that they would be immortalized along with with their school in the history of this nation as a deep sad wound called :  Bahr El-Baqar Massacre

Bahar El-Baqr Massacre

From the very short entry of the incident in Wikipedia , you will know that from 40 yeas ago the IAF as usual had attacked a school in Sharkia governorate early in the morning killing many of its students and injuring the rest not to mention bringing down the small 3 classrooms school. The IAF as expected used incendiary weapons like their favorite Napalm which it used in their morning raids on the Canal Zone cities in the six days war. American Phantom was used in the raid making it a household name , the Phantom which killed the kids at Bahr El-Baqar , the Americans gave the Israelis a fighter aircraft to kill our children.

The Israelis as usual also claimed that they did not it was a school , they believed according wrong intelligence that it was something of artillery factory or a secret dangerous facility that should be destroyed immediately !! Just like the War of Gaza last year when the IAF targeted the UN schools in Gaza as Hamas rockets launching zones !! 

As usual the regime has ignored this important memorial , I do not  know if the governor of Sharkia has paid his respect this year to those who died and those who survived but I know that the President did not send his envoy with a bunch of flowers. Remembering those who were killed on that day from 40 years ago will not affect our relations with Israel , despite the huge difference Japan has relations with the United States despite Hiroshima.Sometimes I feel it is not only our relations with Israel but it is the fact that humans are cheap in Egypt.

By the way a very strange incident happened this year , someone stole the Bahr El-Baqar museum !!

May Allah bless those children souls.


  1. Unicef/Save the Children org - 60 000 kids (less than 5 years) die in Egypt annually because of extremely big infant mortality caused by Egyptian themselves. Ignorants who only kvetch that Israel replied on their aggression while the biggest killers of Egyptians kids are Egyptians themselves.

    Peace to those 60 000 deaths every year who were just unlucky born to "defenders of kids lives".

  2. hey john how much are the israeli government paying u to join their army of paid bloggers?


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