Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breaking News : Another Expected Reshuffle !!

Remember this rumor about the expected reshuffle , well guess what it has surfaced again today but there is a little change in it :

In the coming hours Egypt will have a ministerial reshuffle where it has become a fact that prime minister Ahmed Nazif will join the former prime ministers club and the coming prime minister of Egypt will be businessman and minister of housing Ahmed Al-Magharbi !!!!!!!!

Ahmed Al-Magharbi has got a Saudi passport !!

Al-Magharbi has been expected to be sacked off the ministry in that reshuffle. I can't say anything except that choosing this man as a prime minister of Egypt will make things go from worse to worst !!

We will see after few hours if it is just a test balloon or is bad reality we have either to cope with or fight !!


  1. OK, i see quotation marks but no mark to the source, whom did u quote please ?

  2. several media sources mainly the press , I forgot to add it
    Of course I changed the quoted statement

  3. From bad to worse..Oh!..My heart don't cry :(

  4. any updates on this please??


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