Monday, April 19, 2010

ElBaradei Did Talk About Gaza

Mohamed ElBaradei did talk about Gaza before but not with the Palestinian information center but rather in different interviews in different newspapers , magazines and channels.
I do not know why on earth the Palestinian media information center claims that it made an interview with the man where as his campaign has denied it, not to mention he himself since having a twitter account was clear on which newspapers and TV channels he spoke to.
Dr. ElBaradei's position from Gaza was clear since the war when he refused to appear on BBC after refusing to air the Gaza aid call.
ElBaradei has been clear since day one about the Palestinian cause not to mention that this is the student of late minister Ismail Fahmi. Denying this interview does not harm him as much it harms the Palestinian information center.
I do not understand why this information center following Hamas fabricates such interview  but I understand that I respect ElBaradei more for admitting that it was a false one despite such interview can give him a huge popularity over Mubarak's regime which is regarded as accomplice not only in Egypt but worldwide with Israel in the illegal Gaza siege.
I do not think that ElBaradei and his campaign denied this interview for sake of America and Israel, with my all due respect the man's history in the IAEA is enough as far as I could see.


  1. The illegal Gaza siege? Hahaha. Don't make me laugh Z.

    It is not illegal since it's in retaliation to Hamas' illegal rocket attacks on Israeli civilians even though Gaza is Jew-free, and it's hardly a siege since:

    1. Gaza's economy is booming

    2. A delegation of Gazans recenly visited Israel (oops, that means Gazans can move freely)

    3. Israeli hospitals are packed with Gazans, I know cause I've seen them my self (oops, that means Gazans can move freely)

    4. Israel ships wood and aluminum to Gaza

    5. Israel let construction material into Gaza

    6. Israel allows Gaza to export flowers

    7. Irael allows Gaza to export strawberries

    8. Israel sends glass and refrigerators to Gaza

    9. Gaza has a thriving gold industry

    10. Gazans certainly don't lack clothes and food

    Even the sooq near my house in Israel doesn't have so much food and clothes.

    So Z stop with your lies and cheap propaganda already.

  2. @Joel: get off wtever drugs u are taking along with a good percentage of Zionist Nazis and look around, every body thinks and calls it illegal and even according to int conventions its illegal. And when u block a territory then that territory has the right to consider this an act of war and retaliate, idiots u brought nothing but misery to MENA


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