Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unfriendly Fire !!

I do not read the cinema page at Al Ahram every Wednesday except to know which films are in which cinemas only and this why I missed last April 9 ,2010 the column of Ola El-Sadany whom no one remembers when she started writing in Al Ahram. In this column we found a disgusting attack on actress Basma Ahmed because of her Jewish roots , Basma's grandfather is a Jew as it seems that El-Sadany believes it is better for Basma to hide its Jewish roots !!
It is very insulting on many levels because El-Sadany attacking not only Basma but many Egyptians who have got Jewish grandparents and parents like for instance the minister of Oil Sameh Fahmi !!
But let's be honest here Ola does not mean any insult to Fahmi or another regime's men with Jewish roots but she meant deliberately to insult Basma Ahmed in particular.
Basma was among the Egyptian artists delegation that went to meet Mohamed ElBaradei last month and signed the change statement , this is the whole thing as simple as that.
Of course because El-Sadany had evil intention ,the magic turned on the magician as it turned out Basma's grandfather was not any Egyptian Jew , he was  the patriot anti-Zionist Youssef Darwish !!!!

Basma and ElBaradei (
I do not think that Ola knew who Basma's grandfather was before attacking her but even if Basma Ahmed were not Darwish's granddaughter , it would not give her the right to speak about the roots and ethnicity of any Egyptian negatively because of her or his political position , it is disgusting !!?? Darwish had converted shortly before his death yet he is still known as the lovely patriot Egyptian Jew !! Already I wrote about him before and I am proud of it.

Youssef Darwish
The current constitution which Ola supports for sure recognizes Judaism and Egyptian Jews as citizens who have full rights of citizenship , the citizenship right I believe was in the first amendment of the first article that Mubarak pushed from couple of years ago too !!
It is insulting because Ola El-Sadany as writer in the cinema page knows very well that many Egyptian Jews had contributed a lot to our Egyptian cinema like for instance Nagwa Salem and Nagma Ibrahim. "I know there are others but I can't remember them"
Ola El-Sadany is an example of a regime writer who does not read but only writes by the command of the regime.


  1. "Ola El-Sadany is an example of a regime writer who does not read but only writes by the command of the regime." << Totally AGREE !

  2. You can add the famous wonderful villain Nagma Ibrahim.

    BTW This is my other account.Hypatia

  3. kudos for that amazing post!

  4. Ya3qob Sanou3 was also Jewish. A true Egyptian nationalist.

  5. Great post Zeinobia! You said it all!

  6. also many business leaders of pre-1952 where Egyptian Jews. Many Egyptians have some Christian or Jewish ancestors, hello thats how it is in MENA, and since when we have issues with the Jewish faith?!!

  7. Ignorant people should be careful whose race and religion they denigrate as they could be insulting their own ancestors.
    Egypt is made up of many races who came to settle on its beautiful land from Nubia, Africa, North Africa, Rome, Greece, Turkey, Arabic peninsula, Syria, Palestine, Europe and many other places.
    "When you’re coaching somebody who knows everything, you need to expand their knowledge."

  8. "The current constitution which Ola supports for sure recognizes Judaism and Egyptian Jews as citizens who have full rights of citizenship"

    After the government got rid of almost every single Jew Egypt had it is easy to grant them "full rights"...

    When my father left Egypt in the mid 50s the only right he had was to leave - voluntarily, of course! - all of our family`s property to the government before being expelled... ops, I mean.. leaving - voluntarily again.

    When will the government of Egypt pay back or return the properties of the 80.000 Jews that lived there?
    In Lebanon they are doing the same thing now. They expelled all the Jews and now are reforming Sinagoges. Funny... and sad.

    `Palestinians` are living in what is now Israel for less then 100 years. We lived in Egypt, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon for more than 2000 years. Yet we are the occupiers and foreigners.

  9. @anonymous maybe you should just shut up you history denier


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