Friday, May 7, 2010

مصر دوت كوم Misr Dot Com

Ladies and gentlemen ,
I am proudly present the first Arabic Domain : Misr Dot Com مصر دوت كوم
The first Misr Dot Com Domain in Arabic in the world
This is the first Arabic domain that hit the internet ,I really love the fact Egypt has launched the first Arabic first domain : Misr Dot com. I am so happy because this reminds me that we still can something.
Already Misr Dot Com reminds me with Talaat Harb and his wonderful Misr economic industrial empire.
The first website to hold the Misr Dot com domain is the ministry of telecommunications and technology as you can see above. It is working fine in IE8 and Safari but it is not working in Firefox , I think FF developers should pay attention to this.
I think the academy of Arabic language in Egypt should join the ministry of telecommunications and technology and gets an Arabic domain , already I think the academy's official website should need a reboot.


  1. Hi,

    it is funny to see you comparing getting domain names in Arabic with Talaat Harb great efforts.

    In my view domain names in Arabic or any local language chars is not an achievement, it would complicate things however. They might well suite governmental institutes but still with problems, it would be very easy to find any arabic website thru the search engines and using the keywrods than finding the correct name in Arabic, simply we have no standard naming we follow to figure out the name in Arabic. Also what about a local business with international ambitions it wouldn't be able to reach global market without Latin char domain name.

    I am actually waiting to see how they will regulate the Arabic domain name acquisition, and how much they charge for it. Please post a link to any licensed registration company if you know any of them.

  2. The issue is not launching dear .. the more important is the question : will it work successfully???

  3. weird on bbc news there is a screenshot of the ministry of communication working just fine in firefox with the .masr adres. here is the link:

    and plz dont compare this to Talaat Harb, we just applied first.. and Saudi and UAE got their adresses too.

  4. Hello, any idea how the launch fared?

    As a casual global observer I would be interested to know if .EG or the IDN equivalent will take center stage?

    Is content on the net generally in English or Arabic in Egypt?


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