Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mubarak To Address The Nation Tomorrow

President Mubarak has arrived to Cairo tonight from Sharm El-Sheikh according to the official media which is assuring that he has fully recovered. The president will say his labor day speech at last tomorrow after it was adjourned for “his bad health” !!

The president is expected to appear in public for the first time in front of the loyal NDP laborers , he is also expected to announce big decisions like for instance a raise in the minimum wage limit still this speech on that time is not for the labor but rather for the nation.

Mubarak will say his word tomorrow insh Allah in order to prove to the whole world that he is fine and alive. There is no doubt that the announcement of delaying that speech to “further notice due to his bad health conditions” was more than alarming.

It is just a matter of few hours and we will see what President Mubarak will say and has decided in big labor day speech.


  1. Don't expect too much though.

  2. saw him today on the news and if you noticed Mubarak left hand is stiff and he has to push it with his leg to move it while sitting down with Mahmoud Abbas!

  3. ya 3am Mubarak.. give us all a break, and go spend the rest of ur days with you grandkids..


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