Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breaking News : Blowing Up A Gas pipeline in Sinai

According to Sinai News website the Egyptian gas pipeline to Jordan has been blown up by unknown group in the south of Al Arish city.
It has not been confirmed yet nor announced in official media though but I would dare and say the first public reaction in Egypt whether online or offline was feeling sad that it were not the gas pipeline to Israel. The Egyptian public has expressed its refusal to export gas to Israel over and over.
Wait for more coverage.
Despite there is no confirmation yet there is something happening for sure in Sinai and it is not good at all ,as it was announced that tribesmen have attacked an aid convoy in its way to Gaza after a confrontation with the police forces earlier in their village.
Already according to Sinai News website above the Police actually searched a village and took its women as hostages but because of that unconfirmed gas pipeline explosion as far as I understood , so it is confirmed that there were ugly clashes between the tribesmen and the police that took an ugly turn with taking their women as hostage , the thing which the people of Sinai with their Bedouin nature considers as a huge insult to their manhood.
According to the Canadian news agency the Egyptian police was search for a fugitive who I expect to be Salem Abu Lavi who needs a separate post as currently he is being hailed as a hero back in the valley of the Nile.
The gas pipeline in question is the Arab gas pipeline which goes from the city of Al Arish to the city of Aqaba in Jordan passing through Taba. There is another pipeline from Al Arish to Ashkelon connected to the Arab gas pipeline.
In the first reaction in the media , Youm 7 has published the following : A security source denies blowing up the gas pipeline to Israel
As usual the news is written in a way that proves that something happened in the gas pipeline to Israel to Jordan. Aside of the official denial , we find Bedouin sources saying that the explosion in the pipeline happened in an area away from their influence area and also we got eye witnesses repeating what Sinai News website has said.
According to Palestinian Paltimes it was an attempt nothing more , nothing less despite the fact it was a very serious attempt

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