Monday, June 28, 2010

Do Not Eat Meat in Egypt

The regime wants to be vegans , ok it seems that we are going to be at least till the end of the year.

Do remember the infected Indian meat scandal in Egypt from couple of months ago !!?? Now it turned out that despite the fact that our press spoke about it over and over , tons of infected meat have already entered Egypt and guess what !!?? That meat is for hotels and restaurants !! Yes hotels and restaurants.

I do not know about you but I will boycott meat from hotels and restaurants , I will stick to chicken, fish and vegetables.

By the way there is a presidential decree whose number is 160 that bans the importation of that infected meat , should not those who ignored the decree be punished ??

Gaber El-Karmoty spoke about the matter in his popular show 'Headline' where he hosted the journalists from Al Ahrar newspaper who exposed the whole matter in the media . The journalists brought the Sarcocystis infected in front of the camera, it is disgusting. They exposed a lot of scandals on how this meat entered the country

Now to all my readers beware because the minister of agriculture has approved the entry of 10,000-15,000 tons of this meat to the country in the coming month before Ramadan !!

Jordan has rejected that meat , then why we have to eat !!? Even if most people in Egypt can't afford meat , the minority does not have to eat infected meat.


  1. I saw the episode, it was really disgusting, and infuriating at the same time.. those who are responsible for this scandal, and many others too, should be hanged to death and I'm not kiding or exaggerating, but killing them would be the only fair sufficient way to deal with the whole matter.

    Bty, Every morning I visit your site cause to me, it's as important as other online newspapers sites.. except here I'll listen to a truly Egyptian voice.. so thanks a million :)

  2. At 5:14 in the second video you get a good close-up picture of the infected meat. Ew! Apparently many species can get sarcocystis. Here is a good picture of what it looks like in duck breast meat. Like grains of rice aligned with the meat fibers. I just lost my appetite.

  3. Here is a good video on meat: http:/


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