Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr. ElBaradei Speaks About Gaza Flotilla and Democracy In Egypt

What is the relation between what happened on the Gaza Flotilla and democracy in Egypt !!?? Some may not see relation while others know that due to the lack of democracy in Egypt the Egyptian regime had to close the crossings and to become an accomplice in a blockade that the UN itself denounces. It has become a usual thing to read that "if Egypt had not closed the crossing , the flotilla massacre would not have happened"

Only yesterday Mubarak due to the international pressure and embarrassment has ordered the opening of the crossing for unlimited 

Hero Ahmed Abdel Aziz in the famous Falluja siege in 1948 war once said that the real war was in Cairo and that was 1948 not in 2010 which Abdel Aziz was so lucky not to see.

Now Mohamed ElBaradei is addressing what happened in the flotilla insisting that the weakness of the Arab nations

ElBaradei comments on Gaza Flotilla

ElBaradei's team has launched an official YouTube Channel. By the way he did not answer the questions of the people

Dr. ElBaradei has left Cairo for a quick visit to London for one week.I hope when he returns back he starts his tour in Egypt his team has announced. It has not been secret that his constant travel is being criticized even within the NFC. We all understand his duties but now he has got the biggest duty of his life he chose willingly ; to change 7000 years culture. The people need to see him over and over , they need to hear him over and over to be have courage to stand against dictatorship.

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