Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MP Mohamed ElBeltagy Speaks About Gaza Flotilla

MP and Physician Dr. Mohamed ElBeltagy of the Muslim brotherhood was among the four or three Egyptians on the Gaza Flotilla. He was a witness on how activists from all races, all cultures, all religions and all nationalities gathered in a humanitarian mission to help their human brothers and sisters. He was a witness on how elderly , women and children were treated as criminals by an army that is even more barbaric in international seas.

He was on the Marama ship and witnessed all the IDF crimes against its civilian passengers from activists. He was among the doctors who had overseen the three IDF commandos who were landed first and taken by the passengers without being hurt as portrayed by the IDF. He was witness on how the second dispatch of IDF commandos opened their fires while they were on the air on all the passengers on the deck.

He was a witness and he decided not to be silent thus since his return from Ashdod through the Egyptian embassy he spoke to the media about the horrors and crimes he witnessed against civilians on the board of Marama ship.

Here is his testimony on On TV's 'Headline'

Dr. Mohamed ElBeltagy

Dr. ElBeltagy spoke also on Dream TV 2's 10 PM about his experience along with Dr. Hazem Farouk. I will try to get this episode and share it with you. The world , the free world must know the truth.


  1. Dear Zenobia, there are now enough videos on the web to show what really happened. The free world does know the truth. Telling lies will not help. The fact is that many people hate Israel so much they will believe anything. One should know be carried away by emotion.

  2. I think you should tell yourself this , do not be carried away by emotion , you love Israel and think its army is the most honorable in the world , well believe I am not carried away by emotions just like the German and Sweden MPs and activists who described the barbaric attack of the IDF on the flotilla


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