Egyptian Chronicles: Will They Really Do it !??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will They Really Do it !??

Since the morning I have read that the Muslim brotherhood group has decided to back Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in his quest for democracy after their loss in the Shura Council and despite how important this decision will be I have got my concerns in this move.

There is no doubt that the MB's victory in the last Parliamentary elections was not only because of their popularity in the street but also due to the fact the old guards in the NDP used them to send a message to the Neo-guards at the party above them GM and Ahmed Ezz that they are not disposable.

The MB deals with the regime always take place when they are mostly needed in the opposition side despite all the suffering the group has seen on the hands of that regime just like the 6th April strike if you remember.

It has become something expected from the MBs  despite my respect to them and this is why I am having my doubts.

The guidance office must be clear for once and for all , either with the Mubarak regime all the way through shady under the table deals or with ElBaradei. I would recommend the second option because I do not know how they can trust and make deals with a regime that considers their existence is illegal.

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