Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Read Palestinian Literature

Arabic Literature in English has published a wonderful post for all those who are interested in reading Palestinian literature in English.

I can't deny that I will use the international interest in Palestine and Gaza  to speak more about Palestine and its people.


  1. The only Palestenian writer that appeals to me is the late Ghassan Kanafani ...he was a true genius.Emile Habibi also was not bad.

  2. Why should anyone read Palestinian literature, when you don't read Israeli literature? Shouldn't ignorance go both ways?

  3. Anonymous: I don't think the call to read is going out in particular to Israelis. It is, however, very interesting that you prize your ignorance so highly. Still: Who says "we" (whoever we may be) have never read Israeli literature?

    And آخر أيام الخريف , you must read some contemporary lit by young writers. Read Adania Shibli. Read Ala Hlehel. I insist.


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