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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

idf lies and is still ugly

The IDF propaganda machine has started to trash the internet with false claims that the poor Israeli commandos had to shot the terrorists on Maramar who attacked them first with plastic chairs and rods. The IDF had released videos showing the IDF commandos being attacked by the activists in the flotilla in order to justify their barbaric attacks.

Now I got certain remarks :

  1. The Flotilla was in international water when the IDF stormed it from air and from sea.
  2. Israel has not right as far as I understand to warn any ship  in the international waters especially humanitarian aids ship.
  3. Regardless of the authenticity of these videos , the IDF did not tell us their exact timing and honestly with the black records of war crimes and lies I can't believe that it was taken before the IDF opened their fires.
  4. I do not believe that hilarious cache which the IDF claims to find in the flotilla , daggers and knives !!
  5. I believe the activists have the right to defend themselves against the attackers from the IDF Commandos , they were in international water.
  6. According to the testimonies of the activists who have been released today the IDF opened their fires killing innocent people before even landing on the ship whether from air or sea so I think it is a human instinct to fight back those aggressors even with plastic chairs and rods.

MP Mohamed El-Baletagy who returned back safely to his home earlier today thanks to intervention of the Egyptian MFA has revealed that the IDF commandos opened their fire before landing on the ship.

Kuwaiti MP Waleed Al-Tabtabai who has been released today among the Kuwaiti delegation revealed that two people have killed by the IDF even before landing on the ship . FYI Kuwait has withdrawn from the Arabic peace initiative as an objection to what happened to the Kuwaiti delegation.

Al Jazeera cameraman Essam Zaatar who has been released today also denied the Israeli allegations, no one had attacked the soldiers with white weapons.

Essam Zaatar on Al Jazeera

These videos released by the IDF are not incriminating anyone except the IDF.

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  1. I found this posted by a Jew:

    "And who murdered Rabin in cold blood? As far as I’m concerned, the ultra-Orthodox have a stranglehold on Israel’s policies toward the Occupied Territories and the rest of the world. These people don’t send their children to fight in the IDF, like every other family in the country, and set the tone of Israel’s most hostile posturing. It’s sad, and as a Jew, it hurts me to say it, but: these people are the Jewish Taliban."

  2. Well dear ,still the simplest comment you would receive from anyone who is biased to Israel - you actually have many visitors thinking that way - is that all the witnesses you mentioned are Arabs...!!! In fact ,it attracted my attention too.....!!!!

  3. So once again my comment.

    The IDF opened their fires killing innocent people before even landing on the ship whether from air or sea
    And then conspiracy "propaganda machine" regime sent troops armed with paint guns, so that they could be beaten, stabbed and thrown down from 6 meter high deck, being part of the higher plan to cover the Zionist intention.

    Omar Amin at your service

  4. So far, every lie that has been exposed as a lie has been one told by the homicidal peace activists. I don't know on what basis you accuse the Israelis of lying except that you just don't like Israelis, but virtually everything the murderous human rights defenders have claimed and continue to claim has turned out to be untrue.

    As to your blog post, I'd suggest you look up maritime law on the enforcement of naval blockades but I know you prefer your opinions to actual facts too much to bother with that. So I won't waste my time. If it turns out I'm wrong about you, I'm sure you can come up with some word cominations that will take you to the relevant international treaties without my assistance.

  5. I liked your blog title, though. I'm surprised and pleased to find you have a sense of humor :)

    That title is the only reason I commented on this incident on an Arab blog.

  6. The Israeli attack on Turkish Flotilla brings the memories around the anniversary of the attack on USS liberty. On June 8, 1967 , USS Liberty was a clearly marked United States ship in international waters, not a participant in the conflict and not a reasonable subject for attack by any nation. 34 American crewmen were killed and 171 wounded in the combined air and sea attack. Israel maintains its fighter pilots, who buzzed the ship for eight hours before the attack, and torpedo boat crews, mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship.

    Then, it was by way of deception. Now the way of deception became the way of life.

  7. Anonymous ....

    I was thinking about the Liberty issue this morning,lnking both subjects together.

  8. And now we get the "Remember the Liberty!" talking point from Arabs lol

  9. Remember Liberty is not the Arabs saying, it is the Americans. When you are American, and your response to the memory of killing 34 people of your countrymen is lol in support of the aggressor, then there is something wrong. Somewhere between numbness and treason.

  10. IDF Lies and is still ugly
    IDF Propaganda at his best sorry it's in french :


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