Saturday, June 26, 2010

Egyptian Chronicles In Your Language

There have been many requests from my dear readers to translate my posts to Arabic or at least to blog in Arabic once again but due to time pressure and also the fact that I am another victim of our Anti-Arabic language educational system in Egypt , I will stick currently to Google translate service which is not only limited to Arabic but also to other languages as well.

You can find the translation widget at the top of the side bar on the right. I want to add something in the comment section to make it easy for reply but unfortunately Disqus commenting system is not preferred by readers in many websites not to mention it is heavy and I use all of scripts as you can tell Winking smile 

Hopefully the Blogger guys will add more features to their commenting system , already they have added recently Sharing services amazingly after years of encouraging blogger users to use Add this and share this. Of course I do not use their sharing service because it does not present to the readers and to me the vast options Add this presents. 

This is not the first improvement or addition I will add to Egyptian Chronicles , insh Allah they will be more additions in the future Smile     


  1. This is a nice web, see and contect:

  2. My english is not at ur level... so I read many times to get it :)
    But translator is desaster!!! If I put to my mother language i dont understand nothing in a meaning of nothing!

    regards S.


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