Saturday, June 26, 2010

From The Moon's Sis to Egypt's Children

Soad Hosni has been murdered from 9 years ago on the 21st June and we have not remembered her this year that properly but it is not never too late to remember the moon's sis who is always with us with her cheerful films and few songs.
To all those wonderful Egyptians who protested the murder of Khaled Said not only once but twice yesterday across Egypt
The lyricist was Ahmed Fouad Nagm , the music composer was  Kamel El-Tawil , the singer , the Chanteuse was Soad Hosni and the event was the 1973 Yom El-Kippur war , ladies and gents I leave you with Dolla Meen , Dolla Meen.


  1. teslam eidek .. ana ba7ebb eloghneyya dy awy !

  2. Can you provide a link to an article about her death? I am curious about the murder theory....I liked her a lot. Ofcourse I knew she had died but I thought it was a tragic suicide...thank you.

  3. @Ta7t El-Kobri , it is always my pleasure :)

    @Lili , there are tons of links but I recommend this link from my archive , it will answer all questions


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