Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing The Whole Point

The appeal court in Alexandria revealed  why late Khaled Said was fired from the Egyptian army, he was fired because he was caught red handed with pot !! What a discovery that proves he was  a pothead that deserved to be killed in that way !!!!???
First of all I really hoped that the army would stay away from all this , second of all the regime should not use the army to play with the emotions of the people because whether he was a pothead or not , it is not our issue here as we have hinted over and over. Our issue here is how he was killed and I believe we have expressed this frequently. I understand that what happened in Alex and across the country is scaring the regime yet this will not make us stop.
Already the regime that claimed at first that he escaped the military service unlike the truth regardless on how his performance was during then ,is not to be trusted .
Now as the official media is disgracefully defaming late Said's reputation to justify his murder in that way , I would like to remind my dear readers that the official media is hailing and glorifying Tamer Hosny who did not only escape from the mandatory military service but faked official documents , a forger who is hailed and looked up as an icon , what kind of sick message we are trying to send to younger generations for God sake in this country !!
If we are going to open and speak about the mandatory military service file , I hope we open it for real and speak frankly about the army connections and family connections people use in order to make their sons avoid the service or at least make it short or comfortable !!?? Shall the official media dare and speak about that !!?? I do not think they dare to because ironically you will find among those journalists who can't believe that Egypt gave birth to boy like Said , those who will use their connections to make their sons escape mandatory military service.
As Egyptian citizens who consider the President and his family as a role model , we ask the Egyptian army to tell us why the President's sons did do their mandatory military services !!?? 
I believe it was much easier for the MOI to confess that the agents did kill Khaled and spares itself from all this drama.
We are doing this now because when little Israa grows up insh Allah , she will not blame us for living in fear. "I found her photo in Khaled's facebook group."

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