Egyptian Chronicles: You Asked And ElBaradei Answers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Asked And ElBaradei Answers

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has answered the questions people asked through Google moderator in a very Web 2.0 wonderful way. He answered it through his YouTube Video Channel.

ElBaradei answers our questions

People asked him why he travelled constantly and if he was a virtual political , they wondered about the change statement and his stand from the second article in the constitution , from the labors and farms and also from the Muslim brotherhood. People also asked about the statement and the signatures. They even asked him if he eats Koshry like the rest of us.

I think he answered one of my questions indirectly.

I like that Egyptian flag in the background by the way , it is so great. The video quality is great , I do not know who is behind it but hats off.

I support Dr. ElBaradei because he does not want to rule but rather to change Egypt in to a better place for the future generation and change will not happen if we do not take the initiative. I support him and his views and it will not harm to give the man a chance ,we got nothing to lose.

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  1. To answer your question: The man behind the show is the young talented director Amr Salama , the director of photography is an English gentleman whose first name is Oliver.

  2. @Solilos , Amr Salama oh boy of course I know his work since the comic films he used to make with his friends.


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