Egyptian Chronicles: The Annual GSC Results Circus Is In Town

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Annual GSC Results Circus Is In Town

The general secondary certificate “GSC” results have been announced today in Egypt , across the country students in knew their scores in its both stages.

This year’s results are so bad , 50% in the third stage !! Dr. Ahmed Zahi Badr , the minister of education and the star of TV channels with his firing statements and comments for sure is having his true moment now. Many families are already cursing him today.

This is the second nervous breakdown time for the Egyptian family across the country after the first nervous breakdown at the exams time. The breakdown comes from the assumption that the scores in both stages which a teenager achieves will build his or her future till his or her death. The students will be able to join faculties and universities according to their scores. The higher the scores , the more prestigious faculties and universities the student will be able to join like faculty of medicine and Cairo university.

It is well known fact that the GSC exams are the oldest trick in the Egyptian regimes book as for most Egyptian families who can’t afford the fees of private universities , it is a matter life or death for them. At that time of the year usually we hear many suicide cases between teenagers who believe it is the end of the world to have a score less than they thought they would achieve. Millions if not billions of pounds are spent on tutor lessons in order to ensure high scores making it a major burden for families with limited income.

The GSC results have become a profitable business for websites like Masrawy which will be down and is currently down due to the pressure on its servers from across the country. People want to get the results as soon as possible to the level of bribing insiders from the results control panel.

Anyhow here is a little song dedicated to all the wonderful boys and girls across the country who have got their results tonight , the official anthem of the GSC results in the A.R.E

It is a strange thing that this song became associated with this occasion where as in the film it was not associated by GSC but with the students’ union elections !!

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  1. I never got it, GSC is the most stupid thing ever, just after the public education for keeping nation educated ... they had wanted to introduce something like that here, fortunately they did not. No we just need to disband the Ministry of Education :)

    My friend got 98,5% or 99,5% in that result and went to al Shaims to study medicine as it had big "prestige". This was the other thing I never got, being a doc is not anything special, just like a garbage collector or my job. The only thing which matters is a voluntary demand for a person.

  2. Z, this is off topic sorry for that but plz check this link, its related to deep sea oil drilling and apparently Egypt has just struck a deal with the company pushed out of the US bec of what happened, its not BP

  3. Mohamed El Naschie wrote a couple of columns about this recently in Rosa Al-Youssef. He is not sympathetic to complaints that the exams are too hard.

    Wednesday, June 30. Arabic or English.

    Thursday, July 1. Arabic or English.

    This is just for readers information; I'm certainly not a fan of the great man, and frankly his opinions about this are not very interesting. But as an authority on him I feel compelled to provide these links.

  4. Comparing my primary & secondary education schooling in Egypt to my higher education attained in Canada, I can honestly say that the GSC is archaic and does little in developing educational skills, knowledge and creativity. The GSC loads an incredible amount of useless subjects in a young person's mind which causes unnecessary mental and physical stresses which marks a person for life. Here, education is stimulation, fun and imagination not a nightmare!


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