Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carmen Weinstein Faces Jail Time

Carmen by Mohsen Allam
Carmen Weinstein , the head of the Jewish community in Egypt has been sentenced  to 3 years in jail after being convicting of defrauding an Egyptian businessman of three million Egyptian pounds , Israel does not like this and considers unfair and intentional persecution to the Jews in Egypt.
With my all due respect Carmen Weinstein is being accused of acts against her own Jewish community in Egypt , she was being trusted by the Jewish community to protect its various properties but what did she do !!?? She allegedly sold buildings that is not hers to that businessman for three million Egyptian pounds . This is a full Egyptian matter , no one has the right to interfere and criticize it with my all due respect ,the Egyptian government does not interfere in the internal issue of the Arab community in Israel and their relation with the Hebrew state.
Already members of the Jewish community in Egypt used to dislike the lady and had this fight with her that reached to court if I am not mistaken.
If that verdict indicates anything , it indicates that we care and protect the Egyptian Jewish community.


  1. Hi Z,

    Regarding "Israel does not like this and considers unfair and intentional persecution to the Jews in Egypt.":

    There were preliminary reports like this one in JewishInStLouis that the Israeli ambassador to Cairo, Yitzhak Levanon, sent a note protesting the sentence to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, accusing the judiciary of "oppression and cruelty" and saying it reflected a bias against Weinstein because of her religion.

    But Jerusalem Post contradicts that, saying Amira Oron, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry categorically denied earlier reports that Israel’s ambassador to Egypt, Yitzhak Levanon, had intervened on Weinstein’s behalf by sending a letter to authorities asking them to protect the Jewish community from “oppression and cruelty.” She said it was a private affair.

    There is a kind of funny comment on the JPost site:

    Move to Israel you morons
    * Author: Dave
    * Country: USA



  2. Please don't use the term "Hebrew state"..
    It never was and never will be as long as we exist..
    Thanks for the article, though

  3. How many Jews are there in Egypt now?

  4. the Egyptian government does not interfere in the internal issue of the Arab community in Israel and their relation with the Hebrew state.

    You are that blind? All Arab states constantly interfere in the internal issues of Israel or any other Western state.

  5. @Anonymous 1:05 PM, According to the interesting Wikipedia article about this -- As recently as the 1930s there were almost 80,000 Egyptian Jews. There are fewer than 100 left today, all or almost all of them old women.

  6. for all effective purposes, the jewish communities of yemen, lebanon, syria, iraq, egypt, libya and algeria are extinct in the wild. there is a more or less stable community at djerba (but worry not - an anti-jewish terror attack was made at them) and the viable community in morocco under the king's rule (many jews came to the late king's funeral, too).

  7. @ArabJew: Im not happy that Im living in an Egyptian society and a MENA that is less tolerant and less diverse than that my grandparents have witnessed. I also feel for any person who was made to feel not welcomed and insecure in his/her own homeland. That feeling encompass the Palestinians as well as Arab Jews, whom in my opinion were victims of the Zionist quest for Israel. You mentioned that the Jewish communities in several Arab countries are on the verge of extinct and my question to you is , do you see how Zionism affected all of us? where as a self-professed Arab Jew, do you see yourself? do you belong to your true homeland or to the land taken off the Palestinians?

  8. Egyptian Jewish Refugee says:

    I know Carmen Weinstein. She is sick and 78 years old. I doubt she sold a building that is not hers. The guy who bought it should have checked who it belonged to.
    Out of 80,000 Egyptian Jews, about 10 remain in Egypt. Of these 40,000 had to flee to Israel due to persecution. The remainder fled to Europe, USA etc.
    I suspect it is a "set -up."
    MEMRITV.COM showed a horrible hostile program on El Mahar TV about Egyptian Jews.

  9. This may be an "Egyptian matter" but what happens to Carmen Weinstein will have repercussions...good or bad...throughout the world.
    Ms. Weinstein has been the 'voice' of Egyptian Jewry for many, many years...sometimes the ONLY voice that speaks for the Jews who were once such an integral part of Egyptian society.

    With the amount of corruption alleged for so many Egyptian 'money-men', it is almost criminal to point the finger at Weinstein...for what may or may not be a mistaken charge.

  10. hopefully whomever will be in charge of the "antiquities" of the jewish community will have the sense to return these items to their owners who haven't lived in egypt in decades. carmen weinstein is a thief and 3 years isn't nearly enough time for her in jail.


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