Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fake Popularity

This week we have been introduced to ugly pro-Gamal Mubarak posters "seriously he looks no so good in that poster" in certain popular areas in Egypt , we did not know who was behind except that it was "The Egyptian Popular coalition for Gamal Mubarak support " !!
Yes there is a coalition that supports Gamal Mubarak publicly.
Magdy El-Kurdy's card
The posters made the local and international media search and know more about that coalition  and what it found was even more interesting. The general coordinator of that coalition is called Magdy El-Kurdy and he said that he represents a large sector in the society that wants Gamal Mubarak to run for 2011 presidency race even if he does not want so because it is not an option thing !! It is a delegation from Egyptian people !!! Mr. El-Kurdy does not want Mubarak ,the father but rather the son even if it would create a crack in the Mubaraks house !!
Here is Magdy El-Kurdy's card , I do not know why that coalition logo reminds me with the industrial associations !!??
El-Kurdy claims that his coalition will collect 5 million signatures that will support Gamal Mubarak's candidacy and that they will start with areas outside Cairo in the governorates like Mansoura where Gamal is so popular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mansoura is known to be stronghold for the NFC by the way. 
Strangely nobody has removed these posters and even more stranger nobody in the official media reminded us that this is illegal group and that the signatures it gathers are illegal !!          
Despite the claims of El-Kurdy that coalition is independent from the NDP ,the NDP is actually behind it , we are not naïve to understand that this is a pathetic attempt to compete with the NFC especially that it has been founded at the same time the NFC's signatures are increasing rapidly with the help of the Muslim brotherhood. The regime knows that the increasing number of signatures will encourage more people to sign and so it is better to create some diversion.
I believe this is coalition will collect signatures for real ,the signatures who are in debt and sold their souls to the NDP businessmen charities.
From what I see as public reaction ,hopefully this coalition will not succeed in what it wants to achieve.  
P.S I have found these photos above some in twitter and I do not know their owners.


  1. First off, for the first time I felt that I personally blame Dr. El Baradie bec every time he travels Junior shows his face again and what seemed to be a failed attempt at presidency is now again showing up.

    Those who are scared of a potential change in power are throwing at us different diversion methods. The latest during the past few days were:
    - the announcement of the head of Al Wafd Party (prepared to be the newest puppet of the regime in the upcoming elections), that he wants Sawiras to run for El Wafd in the presidential elections and if not he will consider running himself (he retracted that last bit today saying he never claimed he wants to run, why is heading the party then?!!!)

    -this supposed coalition to support the unpopular Junior, headed by a member of another party El Tagamo3 as it was reported about Kurdy!! Im sure there are those who want Junior to take over, some see this as a personal opportunity for them and others to keep on getting the benefits they are already enjoying. I think collecting the signatures could open the door for someone to accuse them of forgery since we knw this is their preferred way of operating.

    What Im more concerned about is how it seems there are some reporters in int press who seem to have been paid to do PR for the junior and that was very clear from that article claiming Junior has an increasing popularity!!!

    Also, if its true Mubarak is against his son taking over or wont allow it until he passes away and then there is Junior and supporters who cant wait then the situation is alarming, something more serious than a family rift could take place and go back and check what Aly EL Deen Helal commented about other presidential nominees talk while Mubarak is still alive and its timing and the timing of that supposed Juniors coalition and that article.

    The other thing is that I sure hope that our beloved Egyptian citizens will actively exercise the habit of messing up street flyers, plz plz dnt take them down but actually make a mockery out of them that should send a stronger message, after all we are known for our sense of humor ;)

  2. That is a terrible pic of Junior. He looks like he has indigestion or an itch he can't scratch in public.

    @Zeinobia, I'm happy for you that the Muslim Brotherhood is helping with NFC signatures, but MB are not doing it to help ElBaradei. They don't have anything in common with him. Their signature gathering is a tactic to apply pressure on Hosni Mubarak to give MB more power. They see ElBaradei as ineffectual and not a threat to MB. You wouldn't like an Egypt governed by MB.

    There, I'm a pundit.

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