Egyptian Chronicles: If You Know They Are Going To Attack , Why Not to Prepare Yourself

Monday, July 5, 2010

If You Know They Are Going To Attack , Why Not to Prepare Yourself

Every year when the Six days war anniversary comes , new documents and information about that war changed the world not the Middle East region are revealed.

This year we found ourselves in front of new information that supports the Egyptian version of the event , we did not plan to attack Israel in fact according to the CIA reports in May 1967 our troops there were defensive.

Now the one million dollar question that we will never its answer : If Nasser knew that Israel was planning to attack us in that way , why he closed the straits of Tiran and gave Israel a justification to launch a war we were not ready for by all means.

There is also another question : Instead of the unorganized complete withdrawal order , why not to give orders to attack as there were locations and forces that were not destroyed and would have caused losses in the lines of the Israelis especially the later could not believe themselves.

Nasser's decisions in that war is a mystery for me , that is a man who knew the exact time of the war and yet he seemed to take all the wrong decisions that gave the Israelis a victory without a fight. Of course there was his soul brother who became his bitter enemy Abdel Hakim Amar , who was only good in leading a football league no more no less.

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  1. Every year Egyptians are saying "we are innocents, we did not anything wrong, we are the VICTIMS". Which is an utter non-sense, they just cannot accept a defeat.

    A nation of 80 millions which want to slaughter the zionist entity even today, of course, never wanted to attack Israel.

    Having the unique experience of serving both in IAF and in EAF (after Russian invasion) my grandfather, concluded that pan-Arabism was Arab version of Nazism. It is a good thing that such an evil was defeated then.

  2. Nasser started off badmouthing Israel to boost his popularity in the Arab world. His propaganda machine generated so many lies over years about the strength of Egypt and some Arab countries that they themselves began to believe them.
    Nasser never intended to go to war with Israel but when the kitchen got too hot for him and he could not retreat and did not want to loose face so he believed Amer who assured him of the army's superiority.....the rest is history.
    Nasser, Amer and his generals should have been court marshaled and shot for the death of innocent Egyptian soldiers and the humiliation of an entire country....instead the Egyptian people cried for Nasser's reinstatement!!!!!

  3. @John: You are your grad father are idiots. We will always reject Zionists and no one invited them to come over and kill and steal to build a so called homeland on top of Palestine. And only a stupid and racist person like your self and your grand father that you bored us with his views as if he was the reliable source for info about MENA, cant see how similar Zionism is to Nazism.

  4. @Anon: based on what are you saying he never intended to fight? Egypt already fought Israel one time and managed a successful resistance against Israel and 2 other countries. Those who led the 1973 were from that same army that you labelled as incapable and to be realistic as long as the dirty US and the West are supporting Israel we will never have equal capabilities but we manage in the end and despite all that
    The ppl didnt call for him not to retire, it is well known how the tanzeem started rallying up ppl and started the do not leave slogans dnt forget that the Egypt of that time was one where no one could object the nanzeem

  5. @Anon 2:57
    Read my comment correctly before you shoot your mouth!
    I never said the Egyptian army was incapable. What I said is that Nasser, Amer and his generals sent soldiers to their death to a war they never planned properly. I and many others lost our loved ones to an unnecessary war based on empty slogans and lies.
    Furthermore, do you know who is arming the Egyptian army today? It's the dirty US as you call them!
    Then you go and say that 'Egypt at the time'...well has anything changed with objecting the government today after 34 years? Basically it's the same shit, different day.

  6. Well, you wrote he never intended to fight so, if you meant it in another way you should have clarified that, not my fault here.
    I was talking about a specific incident that you claimed that the ppl were behind it and I was simply saying in an Egypt that was far more controlled than today it wasnt actually the ppl. Ask your family members who were living at the time and you will know who was behind the la tatana7a thing.
    Im sorry for your loss, in a way many Egyptian families lost someone in this , my uncles mother remained missing for couple of years after this.
    I dnt think its the same shit, I think ppl are becoming more vocal and opposition is growing.
    My comment about dirty US is about the generals and the politicians not the ppl of course, its thanks to their policies that we are in this situation in MENA today.


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