Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sinai Unrests Follow Up : The Bedouin Rebel

The latest unrests in Sinai have a new exciting key personality : Salem Abu Laavi .
Officially Salem Abu Laavi is a wanted man ,a fugitive who broke the law and escaped his sentence in a loud cinematic escape. 
Unofficially he is the new Adham El-Sharkawy who got a Facebook fan page that glorifies him as the man who is giving the ministry of interior a hard lesson.
The famous Sinai fugitive who was once the regime's man in North Sinai became a media sensation , Dostor and after it Al Masry Al Youm  managed to have interviews with him and other fugitives who have become heroes in the eyes of many Egyptians.
It is a strange thing for sure for anyone unfamiliar with what is happening in Egypt right now yet for anyone who knows what it means to feel like a stranger in his own country and treated as a criminal for defending his own rights , it is a normal thing to hail someone that defends his rights and his people' rights even in that illegal way. 

The popularity of Abu Laavi is related directly to the increasing hate of Police and MOI in general in Egypt , even the official media admits there is a confidence crisis between the citizens and the police but of course they do not dare to speak about what caused this crisis in the first place.
If we go back to Abu Laavi case and search for its root ,we will find that again it is the policy of MOI in Sinai or  to be accurate all over Egypt. The MOI is adopting its policies , the anti-human rights policies which it has been adopting in the valley in Sinai with no consideration to the tribal traditions ,norms and values that consider the dignity of the individual is part of the dignity of the tribe.
The MOI is repeating what it had done in Upper Egypt in the terrorism from mistreatment and abuse to the civilians and families of the wanted against all human rights treaties Egypt have signed before and strangely that policy proved its huge failure then and it is proving to be huge failure in Sinai with even more expensive consequences , will it realize that now and it is getting out of their hands !!?? God only knows 


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