Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trouble in Golan , Trouble In The Syrian Front

There is something happening for sure between Syria and Israel , first we got these news from Israel that there is a mysterious plague spreading among the Syrian army and now we got this tension between the Syrians in the occupied Golan and the Israeli police. The Syrians in occupied Golan managed to capture between 5 to 3 Israeli police officers s as hostages. Now there are two versions for the second story .

The Syrian version : The Syrians were protesting the arrest of a Syrian citizen at his house at Majdal Shams , the largest village in the Golan heights. The protests turned ugly when the Israeli police cracked the protest violently and not more than 20 Syrians , in revenge the people there managed to capture between 3 to 5 Israeli police officers as hostages .  The police officers are currently held hostages at the house which they wanted to arrested its owner.  It started when the Israeli authorities detained a young man called Fadaa Maged El-Shaer , the son of the house's owner at Ben Gurion international airport in his return from Paris , then they head to his family's house where his neighbors and friends began to gather and things went from bad to worse. You can continue read this version at which includes couple of photos from today's events. 

The Israeli version : Several Druze residents from the Golan village of Majdal Shams were wounded Sunday evening in clashes with Israel Police, according to eyewitnesses. The confrontation occurred after police officers entered a restaurant in the village in an attempt to carry out a search. You can continue reading this version at Haartez.

I believe the Syrian version and if I am not mistaken most probably Fadaa is being accused of spying for his country Syria , he will not be the first student to be accused of spying to Syria on his return back.

There have been increasing tensions between the Syrians in the Golan heights and the Israeli occupation forces because of a settlement plan at one of the Druze holy sites in the heights.

It seems that we can see a major Syrian uprising at last in the Golan heights after more than 40 years of occupation that can remind the world with the fact that this is an occupied territory.


  1. And that is your business, how?

    Why don't you post something closer to home.

    Like the bedouin revolt in the sinai.

  2. My dear anonymous , why do not you check this blog , you will find several posts about Sinai.
    Regarding Syria , well I am from the old school that believes Egypt's national security starts at the northern borders of Syria

  3. FYI
    The infectious bacterium Yersinia pestis causes the infectious disease plague is commonly used in bio-weapons.

  4. Z my sympathies, this week you were plagued with strange comments. I didnt knw that as followers we had the right to tell you which issues are your business or not! Keep it up Z

  5. Beware of Megaphone - The Israeli global web-based propaganda (Hasbara) machine. Most likely it is they that left the "anonymous" comment on your blog. is the wikipedia link that describes them and what they do.

  6. The plague is the Zionist Plague, these cancerous, and mindless drones are truly the worst pains in the .....

    What do Bedouin have to do with Golan? Only a Zionist can find a relevance.

    My respect to Syrians, about time they started their fight.

    PS I don't do Zionists.

  7. correct me if i am wrong, but didnt syria invade israel, and israel then captured the golan? seems to me that is tHE WAY EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD GROWS IN SIZE. when did that area become "occupied"??? oh, when syria lost i guess

  8. @Last Anon: youre an idiot and an ignorant soul

  9. @anonymous 7:10 PM: The anon you called an idiot was was flippant and maybe is even an idiot, I don't know, but his history is right I think. The Golan Heights were strategic high ground from which Syria attacked Israel in 1967, and Israel responded by occupying it. At the same time, Egypt in 1967 kicked the UN peacekeepers out of Sinai, blockaded the Israeli city of Eilat, and Israel responded by occupying Sinai.

    Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt in 1979 as part of a peace treaty.

    But Syria has not agreed to peace with Israel, so I don't see why Israel would give Golan back. Hezbollah would probably set up batteries of Iranian rockets there, and fire them at northern Israel, wouldn't they?

    I am just giving my understanding, which may be imperfect. I am happy to be corrected.


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