Thursday, July 22, 2010

There Will Be A Kind of Hash Tag For Khaled Said All Over The World Starting From Tonight

To make Khaled Said a global trending topic , we have to start tweeting using #Khaledsaid Hash tag from Thursday night in order to create more awareness and reaction online.

Last Friday we tried and succeeded regionally but we failed globally still we can achieve this tomorrow and the day after tomorrow insh Allah ; it will be a huge noble thing we can do to torture and police abuse victims in Egypt. Khaled Said should have been on that list from 4 weeks ago , he is more important than Lindsey Lohan and Cali Swag as he influenced generations of Egyptians by his murder in a way no one would have expected or imagined.

The world has to know more about Khaled Said and his brothers and sisters  in Egypt , we do not want the foreign regimes to act but rather the people of the world to tweet just a tweet message

We will start our twitter campaign at 6:30 PM Cairo Local /3:30 PM GMT/ 12:30 PM EST

FYI using the hash tag like that :

#Khaledsaid #Khaledsaid #Khaledsaid #khaledsaid #Khaledsaid #Khaledsaid #Khaledsaid

Will not work because twitter will it as a spam tweet.

If you have a twitter account then I will kindly ask you to tweet something about #Khaledsaid on Thursday and Friday , just two tweets about his case which you can know more about at this website and at this Facebook Fan page.

This is not for Khaled Said only but for all victims of torture and police abuse in Egypt and the whole world.

By the way a witness in Khaled Said case has been beaten yesterday by thugs hired by Sidi Gaber police station according to the eye witnesses , the witness was attacked right after testifying that he had seen police officer Ahmed Othman in the crime scene. The witness has been in the hospital for two days now according to my knowledge.

Another thing , the wonderful team behind Khaled Said websites in English and Arabic have been receiving dangerous threats online.

The weakest and simplest thing we can do is trying to #Khaledsaid among the top trends in twitter for 48 hours.


  1. Zeinobia, I think you should consider doing a YouTube roundup of Egyptian news events from time to time. Even if you're not very good you can get thousands of views. I know you can do better than this guy.

  2. Good to see you dear. Long time, it has been.

  3. @Jason , I do not think I will be able to do , I can't find time to blog already

    @Naj , it is more than pleasure to see back Naj


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