Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nasr Allam : Our First Minister on Twitter

Nasr Allam , our current minister of irrigation and waters sources has joined twitter and has become the first Egyptian minister in office. He has joined the twitter world since last August 23rd and he is posting updates about his elections campaign in Sohag, he is running for the parliament there in Upper Egypt.
I hope that he uses twitter in more interesting stuff than posting his photos with very cute Upper Egyptians kids !!

Nasr with beautiful little girls
I hope that he tackles the constant water cuts not to mention the fact that there are still villages with no water access at all , this is besides the universal fact that our water is polluted and is not for human use in Egypt !!  I am waiting to hear him speaking more about the Nile river basin crisis because this is why he was appointed in the first place.
We have a major crisis in water and I think that the minister will win more respect if he focuses on his problems than on his campaign. 
By the way I am following in twitter currently Lebanese minister of energy Gebran Bassil and he is currently facing a huge crisis in electricity and water too in Lebanon just like Egypt but the difference is that the man is taking the challenge seriously and is acting for real , he has proposed a draft of new electricity law which Lebanese can get the draft to read it in their email through DM . It is normal thing that Lebanon has these crises considering the limited sources and the infrastructure which Israel addicted to destroy every couple of year !! 
Update : 
  • According to dear Mido the one who updates the minister's twitter feed is a journalist who is working in his campaign.


  1. مش هو اللى بيحدث التويتر بتاعه ، صحفى فى الاهرام مسئول عنه تبع حملته

  2. :D typical, and what would be the job title of this reporter, Head of Tweeting?!!


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