Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mubarak To Washington For More Than Peace talks

Mubarak will head to Washington to participate in the direct Peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis , this is what is officially being said and nobody in Cairo buys it.

Egyptians believe that Mr. Mubarak will got to Washington in order to show his American partners the latest arrangement for the future of Egypt or in better words the arrangement of his succession.

There is no doubt that the succession file will be opened in that coming visit which could be the last for Mubarak as the President of Egypt.

I do not like to be romantic but regardless of these arrangements or talks , nobody except God in this world knows what the last word will be. 


  1. I hope the Americans will take the advice of some and bet on the Egyptian ppl only, presidents come and go and plans do not always succeed.

  2. I will be surprised if he goes to Washington. There was a conference of leaders in MENA not long ago, as I vaguely recall, but he didn't attend. He's not well enough to travel. And there's no need to travel to Washington to tell about succession plans; all he has to do is summon US Ambassador Margaret Scobey.

  3. @Jason: As far as I understood from papers, this visit has been scheduled already. I agree with Z, this visit isnt really about the peace (dead) process but about arrangements in Egypt.

  4. Yes, thank you. I see it in the news reports. He's scheduled to go to Paris today, then the US.

  5. This has to do with economics! (IMO)

    I know Z runs a political blog, but Egyptian Bond holders have been enjoying a 10-12 % (the US T-Bills are at 2%. our equivalent.) And now that the skying is falling on the stock market people have been shuttling their money by the droves into 'emerging market' funds like Mubarak/Egypt as they boast a high yield and most of all security!

    So I guess some face time to reassure 'Big Money' and Obama might be in order as wallstreet has a major position in the Egypt of today!

    Its not all about freedom/Baradie/and Abbas---Egypt is slowly emerging on to the global scene tx to the collapse of the global stock markets and Mubarak's global pitchmen!

  6. Z why didn't you post my comment on egyptian bonds/wallstreet and emerging markets?...

  7. I posted now , I have just received it


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