Egyptian Chronicles: An Activist Is Detained in matrouh

Friday, September 10, 2010

An Activist Is Detained in matrouh

An opposition activist called  Nabil Abdel Rahman from Matrouh has been detained from few hours ago before Mubarak’s visit tomorrow to the borders governorate.
Mubarak is going to pray the Eid prayer after few hours at the one of the Mosques there , I am not sure which one but for sure it will be full of army’s men.

A shot by Ayman Shweky from Matrouh showing the Mosque where he is expected to pray at after few hours 
The Matrouh city is currently under expected security siege.
It is worth to mention that Qaddafi visited the city from couple of days ago.
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  1. A beloved leader is protected by the hearts of his or her supporters. There will be no need then for security siege of a whole city. A beloved leader is one who devotes his time and effort for the welfare of his or her people without personal interest. The achievements of a man-of-action will be evident in every walk of life. Compare our political, social and economic status with those 30 years ago. Numbers will not deceive you.


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