Egyptian Chronicles: breaking News : Jones to Cancel Burn A Quran Day

Thursday, September 9, 2010

breaking News : Jones to Cancel Burn A Quran Day

Fame seeker Terry Jones has cancelled the Burn a Quran day next 9/11. The news has just hit twitter.
I was going to write a post about Terry Jones , well actually I will because what happened is interesting on many level.
Ok Terry Jones has claimed that he cancelled his disgusting event because he knew that the Park 51 center has been transferred to another location in NY , the thing which was denied by the Park 51 organization
You can read more about this change in plans in that CNN report.
Despite the plans of Jones were declared from long time , only in the past 48 hours we started to find official international reactions from around the globe especially from the Muslim and Arab world. Here is a summary from the Christian science monitor from 11 countries around the world. President Obama spoke about the matter and condemned Jones' plan  , of course I am sure the Dove congregation believes they are being ruled by a Muslim.  Only today Mubarak has addressed the matter condemned the plan describing it as racism.
I hope that you read this blog post by Rasha  ,also Margret and Helen or rather Helen spoke this matter today , I used to follow their blog since the American presidential elections, it is very interesting.
I had mixed feelings and opinions regarding that event , at one point I hate to find my Holy Book treated like that and at another point I wanted the Muslims to ignore that mad man who is leading 100 people in congregation of hate and terrorism because he does not worth it.
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  1. The real reason for backing down from this illegal event materialized when he found out that without the Gainesville Fire Department permit he would end up in a jail cell with the company of six big muscular Muslim radicals.
    The Canadian.

  2. @ The Canadian: you are right and a BBC report is saying the same

  3. I'm glad he cancelled it, regardless of the reason.
    I just hope that would be the end of it.
    And i hope many good could come out of this...because, on a different yet related topic, there are some views out there that are really scary and shows how less the west knows about Muslims or Islam.
    check those conversations out:

    Thank you zeinobia.

  4. Z is right, he is just a fame-seeker. But he's not a terrorist. Please reserve that label for people who actually cause harm to others, not just those who are insensitive to the feelings of others. What scares me more is that Muslims around the world wanted to force him to back down, which would only lead to the repression of speech which is so common in Egypt and other Muslim countries.

  5. The reactions of world readers are extremely horrible and show why such actions must take place every day.

    Seems to me that freedom and good loving people don't have feelings at all. When they must be enforced to not hurt feelings of religious people. Islam/Muslims have never ever respected my feelings.

  6. @John: may be bec uve never accepted ours


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