Egyptian Chronicles: Mortada Mansour Rants More Than Usual

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mortada Mansour Rants More Than Usual

Mortada Mansour was hosted in 2X2 show yesterday and his interview was too provoking , too rude and too .. that forced me to post his especially he crossed all the lines when he spoke about the opposition figures like Buthayna Kamel , Ayman Nour and Kafeya movement figures  not to mention Mohamed ElBaradei and Khaled Said family. I had to post it because I was going to lose my mind from my anger.
That episode has already been edited in too different channels ,some things were removed on OnTV including his attack on political figures and Khaled Said’s family parts which were aired on Dream TV. “I have already added both episodes”
Mansour Rants
Calling Buthaya Kamel as “That woman” showed his true standard {He even used a slang that no respected man , a so called former judge should use in public not to mention on air}
Making fun from ElBaradei in this rude sick way does not prove anything except how desperate he is to win the next parliamentary elections.By the way I do not know how dared Madgy El-Gald to laugh on his sick jokes and what this crazy conspiracy theory of Khaled Said and also Ashraf Marwan , I really respect Wael Al Abrashi who tried to stop him but of course in vain
Gemini Mansour as far as I recalled once called Saleh Salim , the drunk man on air after his death so I am kind of surprised to find him calling him again as a respectable man now !! He called ElBaradei a drunk man from two days ago by the way so may be after two years he will call him a respectable man
Being Gemini has nothing to do with the strange personality of Mansour. I know many Gemini and I am Aquarius myself , so I know what being moody really is like because I am moody already. 
I said it before and I will say it again , this is Egypt’s Glenn Beck , the educated version of Glenn Beck to be fair but still he is a Glenn Beck of Egypt !!
Honestly I used to feel sympathy with him when he was imprisoned but I realized that it was a sympathy with a devil. 
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  1. I hope they sue him.

  2. my dad was about to exolode from anger when we were watching the episode .. he crossed every line there is to be crossed and talked in way no respected man would .. i mean his only objection on el baradei is his shoe size and that he puts his legs crossed when he sit down and that he lives in a palace and he's a rich man .. he also says that el baradei came by a Parachute to the political life of egypt .. so what does mortada says about gamal mubarak the millionire who lives in a palace too not to mention the Parachute part .. plus at least el baradei dont put his legs in the faces of people as old as his father in meetings that is aired on tv and doesnt insult Reporters in Press conferences .. i reaaly dont have the least bit of respect to this mortada


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