Egyptian Chronicles: Egyptian X-File : The Woman Behind Omar Soliman’s campaign

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Egyptian X-File : The Woman Behind Omar Soliman’s campaign

Do you remember last week when we wondered who were really actually behind those strange Omar Soliman’s presidential candidacy support campaign posters and statement ??
Well it turned out as some speculate it was the NDP or at least a group from the NDP was behind it.
Yesterday there were rumors that the authorities  had a secret investigation and it turned out that there is anti-Gamal Mubarak fraction in the NDP who printed and hanged these posters.
I am buying this rumor not because it makes sense and the posters of Omar Soliman actually look so similar to those of Gamal but because Egyptian e-newspaper Al-Nahar published this very interesting interview with the former coordinator of General Soliman presidential candidacy support campaign , yes you read it right , the coordinator of that campaign who turned to be a NDP member : Amani El-Washahi.
When I read the name Amani El-Washahi , I thought the name was familiar to me , I read it some where and thus I googled it and I found out that I was already right , Amani is famous for being an Egyptian Amazig activist, yes an Amazgi activist. There are Egyptian Berbers
Amani El-Washahi
Now back to the interview that was featured in mainstream media we will find that Amani has dumped Soliman and decided to stop the campaign because she suddenly found out that it is unconstitutional for him to run for presidency he is not a member in the supreme committee of NDP !!
Is this a joke !!?? How she could be a member in the NDP and did not know Soliman is not a member in the NDP nor its stupid policies committee except now !!??
On the other she denied her relation with these posters , well she can deny  as she wants but many fingers are pointing to the NDP.
Who is behind Amani ??? Why did she speak to the media despite this may harm her position in the NDP ?? Knowing Amani political and ethnic views I am puzzled that she is or was supporting general Soliman , she seemed to be more liberal secular to support our spy chief candidacy.
The X-file is still opened I suppose and Amani is another riddle in it !!
 Update : 
  • Amani has got a blog yet it is not updated. 
  • In her blog she does not deny being the Omar Soliman's presidential candidacy campaign coordinator , one must wonder  why we have not heard anything about this campaign except now !!
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