Egyptian Chronicles: The Language of Numbers : A deliberate Genocide

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Language of Numbers : A deliberate Genocide

The former head of tumors institute revealed in a medical conference recently held in Cairo that between 150,000-200, 000 get cancer annually because of Insecticides, the carcinogenic insecticides used in our vegetables and fruits !!

When we will dare and ask who is behind this booming rate of cancer in Egypt , it has become unwelcomed guest in all Egyptian houses from North to South , from East to West , we have become a dying nation facing hepatitis from one side to cancer from another side for God sake !!

Who is responsible for importing these insecticides ?? Who is responsible for allowing them to enter the country and to be used ??

Who is killing the Egyptian people slowly and deliberately !!??

By the way you can donate to the old national cancer institute on the following account number in NBE : 777 or you can donate to the new national cancer institute building which is currently being built in 6th of October governorate on the following account number in NBE and Banque Misr : 500500

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  1. The Canadian embassy provided me a brochure back in the 70's listing foods and drinks to avoid during my stay in Egypt. Stella beer was included on the list because it contained Formaldehyde (a proven carcinogen)as a preservative.
    I hope they have replaced it with a safe preservative.
    The Canadian.

  2. Hi Zeinobia,

    Who does your phrase "a deliberate genocide" in the title refer to? Who are the victims? Who are the perpetrators, and what is their motive?

    You said "150,000-200, 000 get cancer annually because of Insecticides, the carcinogenic insecticides used in our vegetables and fruits !!"

    Cancer killed 38,728 Egyptians in 2002. The current new cases cannot be as high as Dr. Hussein Khaled said. He's talking out his ass, and that's why he gave a huge range.

    The article did not attribute the absurd 150,000 - 200,000 figure to use on fruits and vegetables. Pesticides used on fruit and vegetables (fruits and vegetables were not mentioned in the article, nor was any specific pesticide) are extremely safe, precisely because people eat those items, often without washing them thoroughly.

    The problem of over-application of pesticides is largely self-limiting because they are expensive.

    Use of banned and inappropriate pesticides, e.g., those not intended for the crops they're used on, is a problem all over the world, but there's no way it's killing hundreds of thousands of Egyptians every year. Ridiculous.

    The real problem is hysteria about pesticides. The ban on DDT may have killed 20 million children, while its use may have saved more lives than penicillin.

    Zeinobia, please don't take any advice from Canadians on beer additives. Canadian beer, which is famous for tasting like piss, is also well-known for containing enough cobalt to cause a fatal beer-drinkers' cardiomyopathy. Canadians use salts of cobalt as a foam stabilizer. Bottoms up!

  3. @Jason
    The brand of beer containing Cobalt salts was brewed in Quebec back in the sixties and the company is no longer in business.
    Health Canada has banned the use of Cobalt salts in beer since the early seventies.
    Canadian beer is imported throughout the world including metropolitan US cities unlike Seattle the armpit of the US.
    A lot of my American friends prefer Canadian beer to your watered down piss,but in view of my kindness, I am willing to ship you some 1960 vintage Quebec beer to lighten up your life.
    The Canadian.

  4. Zenobia, I suspect that Jason probably has a good point. I live out in the farming area of Giza and very few of my neighbours uses any pesticides other than sulphur powder (cabrit) because they can't afford them. I would be willing to guess that more deaths from pesticides occur among the people who are charged with spraying them than people who eat the produce. I'd bet my hat that no one using pesticides uses masks or makes sure that the dilutions are correct.

    As for beer, Stella has improved wildly since the 70's. In the mid-80's when we moved here it was customary to look closely at the bottles to be sure that there were no insect eggs included in the bottle. Haven't seen a bug egg in years and I doubt very much it's the formaldehyde.

  5. Thank you, Maryanne.

    Your observation that it is the pesticide sprayers who are endangered is spot-on. Agricultural workers often have insufficient literacy to follow the pesticide instructions, and cannot afford protective clothing. It's a global problem, not a uniquely Egyptian one.

    There have always been insects, rodent droppings, etc., in the food supply. Hatshepsut ate bread and drank beer with insect eggs. It didn't hurt her and it won't hurt you.

  6. @Maryanne
    cc: Jason
    If you come across any Stella beer with larvae or insect eggs, kindly forward them to Jason with my compliments (he enjoys protein enriched beer) and send me the bill.
    The Canadian.


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