Monday, September 27, 2010

RIP Ahmed Maher

Former Egyptian minister of foreign affairs Ahmed Maher passed away earlier today after a sudden heart attack according to Egyptian media. His funeral has been held from few hours ago in Cairo and has been attended by President Mubarak.
AP described the late minister’s diplomacy as low keyed one compared to the diplomacy of Amr Moussa , well indeed Maher was not like Moussa but how you can describe now the diplomacy of Ahmed Abu El-Gait I wonder !!
May be his diplomacy as a minister was low keyed but late Maher’s statements after leaving the cabinet were not that low keyed on the contrary.
Ahmed Maher and his brother Ali Maher are the grandson of Egyptian PM late Ahmed Maher Pasha. Ahmed and Ali were named after their grandfather and his brother Ahmed and Ali who was also a prime minister and Egypt’s pre-revolution strongest politicians.
In the end May Allah bless Ahmed Maher JR’s soul.
P.s Journalists were not allowed to cover the funeral because of Mubarak !!


  1. Sudanese Observer9/27/2010 06:39:00 PM

    The one who purportedly (according to the creator of this blog) hates Egypt and Egyptians - and most definitely (by my own admission) does not like the policy towards Sudan espoused by the current Egyptian government - asks the Almighty to forgive the former Egyptian Foreign Minister - and hopes that a new generation which is dynamic and brave enough to recognise and engage with the other respectfully - will take the mantle.

  2. Sudanese Observer is a gentleman.

  3. @Jason
    Your breath is beginning to smell.
    The Canadian.


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