Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Autumn Of fury Mubarak Edition

Do you know what is the autumn of Fury ??

The autumn of fury is the name of a book written by Heikal where he described the last days of president Sadat , of course he was biased against the man after all he was sent to jail in 1981 among all political powers from the extreme right to the extreme left among the infamous

The book’s title has become the perfect short description of what happened in those last three months preceded the assassination of President Sadat from media crack down to activism witch hunt to politicians arrests, dark moments in our history whose climax was the assassination of President Sadat.

We are now witnessing the autumn of fury Mubarak edition and again I am sorry if I am posting the following sequence of events again , already it is updated with new crackdowns :

  1. Ahmed Ezz new channel.
  2. Ibrahim Eissa is no longer welcomed on TV.
  3. The decision to ban the broadcast of trials on air or even in video
  4. Firing Ibrahim Eissa from the newspaper he founded and destroying it.
  5. Alaa Sadek’s Sports TV show was cancelled from Nile Sports “National TV” after demanding an apology from the minister of interior to the Egyptian people and security guards after what happened at the Taraji game.
  6. Hamdi Kandel is reportedly no longer welcomed to write in the newspapers.
  7. SMS News updates restrictions.
  8. TV channels blocking and TV channels warnings.
  9. Facebook’s regime dislike.
  10. TV channels and their offices in Cairo receive orders to transfer their on air studios and units to the media production city owned by the State. Of course they need a permission for on air broadcast !!
  11. Cancelling two units for on air broadcast booked by Al Jazeera for the next parliamentary elections coverage “I hope that I used the correct terms”

I do not think that the people are too dump not realizing what they are witnessing , they had been through that autumn and know very how it had started and how it had ended. Ironically all these steps will not stop the truth of reaching to the people and to the world.

It is not about parliamentary elections I am afraid , it is as if there are preparations for the final act aka the Presidency elections or to be accurate the succession.

Strangely it is like history repeating in its own way and I wonder if the climax that we will witness insh Allah sooner or later is the end of a regime that shows all signs of weakness and fragility.

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