Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mubarak To Become Hajj Mubarak : For Real Or A media Stunt

The Presidency announced last week that President Hosni Mubarak may go to Hajj “pilgrimage” this year , he is giving it a thought ; that’s it and the presidential statement ends like that.

People in Egypt turned in to another joke , who can beat us in making jokes from anything even ourselves but this statement is very interesting on many levels.

You do not announce that the President is giving a thought whether he goes to Hajj or not , it is either he goes or not as it happens all around the Islamic world.

I believe that Prince Saud El-Faisal came to Egypt with an invitation to Mubarak and the presidency is using this invitation to send a clear message : Mubarak is too strong to go to Hajj this year.

Egyptians can’t imagine Mubarak in Hajj knowing the security phobia he suffers from , the Royal family in Saudi Arabia will not tolerate the paranoia of Mubarak’s team which will not calm down except when they empty the Kaaba surrounding from all the Pilgrims and of course we did not forget how the Mubarak security treated that man who dared and told Mubarak to fear God at the Haram during a previous Omara.


  1. I hope he goes to Hajj may be this will purify his soul, and he can take the right decision, especially for the next election.

  2. Yes, I hope he makes a pilgrimage too and gets stomped over in a stampede that happens in Arafah and only kills the Egyptian presidency delegates accompanying the shithead. He becomes maimed beyond recognition, his head separates from his body, lost and crushed into pieces. Jimmy boy, who was also in Mecca to repent for his wild gay orgies in London town survives, however he suffers a severe spine injury leaving him a quadriplegic.

    Egyptians rejoice everywhere while Israel mourns its great loss. The world is stunned and wasn't sure at first if they are just celebrating Eid but the felicitations are confirmed when Egyptian Christians join their Muslim brethren in the festivities. People dance in the streets for 3 days. Alaa and Suzy try to flee the country but their small private jet explodes right after take-off when a celebratory firecracker hits the fuselage. People are so busy partying, no body discovers their deaths for a week. What was left from their corpses was devoured by stray dogs and silawas.

  3. @Anonymous 01:30:00 PM, that was amusing but the incongruous inclusion "Israel mourns its great loss" illustrates an unfortunate fact about Egyptian political mentality on which I have commented before. Egyptians of every party and faction insult opponents by calling them friendly with Israel. In fact Israel doesn't care about the Mubaraks or any other Egyptian politicians, much less is friendly with them. They'd like Egypt to be democratic because being democratic themselves they know the benefits to the people of democratic nations; but their wish is a philosophical one applying to democracy generally and not to Egypt in particular. Israel doesn't care greatly whether Egyptians like them, but hopes whoever runs Egypt after Hosni will continue to honor the peace treaties Egypt signed at Camp David. If Egypt reneges, Israel will reluctantly be forced to humiliate Egypt yet again. The Egyptian people, seemingly every single one of them, have a masturbatory fantasy that Israel is the cause of their problems and that sufficiently populist and anti-Israel leadership will make things better. Very sad. It distracts you from doing the things you need to do to improve your parched, impoverished lives.

  4. Well said Jason. As an Egyptian who lived most of his life in Egypt, I would like to add that the comment by Anonymous is disgusting, to say the least. To wish that your political opponents are stomped to death and maimed, or die in a plane crash and have their bodies eaten by animals is simply sick, but it illustrates the mentality of the Egyptian opposition, who hate anyone who disagrees with them and are incapable of carrying an intelligent discussion with people with different views, not to mention that they consider anyone who supports the Mubarak administration a corrupt person who benefits from the ruling party, or an Israeli agent.

    The reality is, if the opposition in Egypt reaches power, they will not only fail, but in a best case scenario, they will mess up the country in ways that never been seen before. And in a worst case scenario, they will revoke the peace treaty with Israel and go down a path that will lead to a new war with Israel, all in the name of the nationalist/pan Arab/Islamic way.

    Changing the government will only threaten stability and will not solve any problems, if corruption, dictatorship, oppression, is part of the culture and fabric of a society.

  5. ZZeinobia, you have to be more careful in allowing comments by those GIYUS idiots.

    Man..what parasites, as soon as you mention isfuckingreal, they jump on any blog or article like hyenas! they are funny but truly pathetic

  6. An apartheid racist democracy? and not just racist towards Muslims and Christians but against Sephradi too!

    Israel is a democracy, what a joke..gotta love how they believe their own lies

  7. "those GIYUS idiots"

    Haha. Never seen before. I see they have some kind of "Megaphone Desktop Tool" for download. Don't think I'm interested.

    "Israel is a democracy, what a joke"

    Israel is a parliamentary democracy. Sorry, but it just is. The fact that their democratically decided outcomes seldom comport with your wishes does not mean the outcomes are not democratically decided.

    They have regular elections between multiple competing political parties and candidates. Various philosophies are represented. When shifts in the political winds dictate a change of power, the losers step down voluntarily in an orderly, timely manner as opposed to staging coups or declaring emergencies. You wouldn't know a democracy if one sat on your face.

    Really, why am I wasting my keystrokes.

  8. Yep, Israel is a democracy and its national dish is hummus, which as we all know is a stable on all Polish breakfast tables.

    Your perception of democracy is hilarious. By your own argument, Egypt is a democracy, Apartheid SA was a democracy..heck even Libya with the mad colonel is a democracy. A real Democracy represents the entire inhabitants of the country. When they are oppressed, discriminated upon and persecuted(Palestinian MKs) for demanding equal rights; then it is not a democracy

    Even Pro-Israel politics scholars can't make such a false statement and at best they refer to it as a 'Flawed democracy', On the "Democracy" index, Israel ranks at 39 which isn't far off from other so-called flawed democracies such as Lebanon or the pointless PA. In fact, Israel's own 'LAW OF RETURN' violates everything that has to do with a real democracy in denying Palestinians who lived in this land for Millenia to even visit their relatives.

    I'm not sure whom are you trying to fool as I think most who read this blog already know the truth about Israel's make-believe democracy but if you really think Israel is a democracy, then you better do some research first about your claims instead of sounding like a propaganda-prick.

  9. The link you supplied in a broken state, fixed thusly, has this hilarious crazy-pearl advertised on the sidebar:

    In this new and expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky's 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists".

    So our perceptions of who is the propaganda-prick will differ.

    I think I'm going to give myself a time-out and refrain from commenting on Egyptian Chronicles for a few days unless I am gravely provoked. Thanks to Z for putting up with me.

  10. @First Anon: thanks for giving me a good laugh. I wont wish death or maiming for any one but this family have the blood of so many Egyptians on their own hands and they clearly would sacrifice all of us to stay in power in this country theyve been robbing.
    @Jason: setting aside ur stupid note about democratic lovey dovey Israel, I just want to say have u been missing the love letters, the warm wishes, the articles in Israeli media and by Israeli top figures for the Mubaraks? They and not us who said they want him to remain in power if not his son is their best option and no its not bec lovey dovey baby killer Israelis want us Egyptians, their main enemies in the region despite the peace treaty, to taste the wonders of democracy its bec this regime has been SERVING ISRAELI INTERESTS.
    @ Egy Anon turned American: I pray u never come back to our country last thing we need is a fucked up brainwashed American wanna be.

  11. Ok, that will sound laime, But it is not the first time i hear that about junior. Is he really gay, and what about things that happened in London back in the time?

  12. @Jason
    What is your opinion re. Israeli cabinet recent bill requiring new non-Jewish citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel as a "Jewish and democratic state".
    Is this democracy?

  13. @Jason: instead of constantly parroting pro Israeli propaganda, do urself a favor and start educating urself. Start with The USS Liberty Memorial by Naval officer James M. Ennes, Jr.

    The US Navy ship USS Liberty was attacked in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. The Israeli attacks killed 34 US seamen and wounded 171 out of a crew of 297, the worst loss of American naval personnel from hostile action since World War II.

  14. @Jason
    "The Egyptian people, seemingly every single one of them, have a masturbatory fantasy....... your parched, impoverished lives."

    So that's what your sick mind thinks about every single Egyptian !!!
    Unmasked by your own hand. You're an anti-Egyptian right-wing zealot. We Egyptians are tired of your self-pitying whining and anti-Egyptian blame and bigotry.

  15. Hey guys, did you notice how Jason never responds to tough questions and somehow dissapears from the conversation?
    What a coward.

  16. @Anonymous "Hey guys, did you notice how Jason never responds to tough questions and somehow dissapears [sic] from the conversation? What a coward."

    At 10/19/2010 07:16:00 AM I said "I'm going to give myself a time-out and refrain from commenting on Egyptian Chronicles for a few days unless I am gravely provoked."

    It isn't fair to Z that a disproportionate share of the comments and replies are by me or to me. I'm flattered by the anti-Jason screeds that appear even in threads I haven't participated in, but I'm still on time-out. Keep my bench warm.

  17. @jASON
    Crawl back under the rock you came form.


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