Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : El-Badawy Sells His Share in dostor Daily "Updated"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breaking News : El-Badawy Sells His Share in dostor Daily "Updated"

Dostor News paper saga has not finished yet , in fact it seems that we returned to square one again. In a new development Media tycoon Said El-Badawy has sold his shares in the newspaper “10%” to Egyptian businessman Alaa El-Kahaki. "Updated below" {2.50 PM Cairo local time}
Badawy has sold his shares to Reda Edward
From left Badawy and Kakhi "Youm7"
Who is Alaa El-Kahaki ?? Well he is owner of one of Egypt’s biggest advertising companies “Media Line”. “Media Line” already owns the advertising rights in Al Hayat TV network which is owned by El-Badawy and also the National TV in Egypt.
Now I need confirmation for those who know the Who is Who in Egyptian media : Is not Ashraf Safwat Al Sherif , the business partner of Kahaki in Media line !!?? 
Ashraf Safwat Al Sherif is the son of Safwat is among the board of directors of Youm 7 as far as I know too.
Strangely yesterday Egyptian political activist Gameela Ismail went to El-Badawy at the Dostor newspaper old HQ and offered him a generous offer that no one in his position currently would or even should refuse : Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei , Dr. Ayman Nour and other patriotic businessmen are offering to buy his share and Edward's share for the return of Ibrahim Eissa but he refused and surprised Ismail by saying that Edward owns 50% of the shares unlike what both men claimed in the media that both of them combined owned 20% !! We do not know why El-Badawy refused that offer and accepted the offer of El-Kahaki.

Siyad El-Badawy's reputation in Egypt has been damaged to the level you can't  believe it , to the degree that Al Wafd party has began to suffer from what El-Badawy has done in Ibrahim Eissa and Dostor. Already many people began to believe what Dr. Amar Ali Hassan , the researcher and writer had written from couple of months ago that Al Wafd made a deal with the regime for 20 Parliamentary seats in the coming parliament. The damage of what El-Badawy has done in Al Dostor will cost him a lot and this is a lesson everybody should learn.
For the record the journalists and El-Badawy reached to agreement last Friday night but today both El-Badawy and Edward forgot that deal at the Journalists syndication not to mention that they came late in a sign of disrespect if I may say to the Dostor journalists who are still on strike at their old HQ.
There was a news today that the Edward and El-Badawy will bring an Arab chief in editor to head Al Dostor , of course this news showed complete ignorance by Egyptian journalism rules that state clearly the chief in editor of any publication should be registered as a working member in the Egyptian journalists' syndication.
Edward and El Badawy today "Masrawy"
Nawara Negm described Reda Edward and Siyad El-Badawy as Nero and Caligula and it is perfect description because honestly that film Edward and El-Badawy especially El-Badawy presented to Egypt this week was even more dirtier than the 1979 Caligula film produced by Penthouse.
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  1. if this is true I have to give it to EL Sherif the father. What an amazing ploy. Now Z, when will the crying stops and we all start thinking and acting positively? If Gamila made that offer why cant they have their own paper. Get Aswani, Qanidils, Belal, Motaz mattar, Adeeb and Eissa all in one media project, w shares that cld be bought by the ppl and create one big and bold media company that has channels and a paper and a strong online existance. Be the leaders in digital news in Egypt and also make sure there is a way to keep the connection w the ppl even if the paper or the channel were taken down. There are so many ways to make this possible. There are loads of ppl who would donate for this. Isnt this how every good project started in Egypt from the uni to Al Ahram paper?!!

  2. El-Sherif is the man for all seasons :)
    Regarding your suggestion will having their own printed paper or TV channel needs a permission from the state so forget they will not get it. Even Dostor was republished through a court order.
    The winning horse here is e-journalism, something like the huffington Post can play a very important role here ,but what you can say they are an old school that prefer traditional media.

  3. @Z: They must apply for a license or look for someone who already has a license. They cant just dismiss the idea just bec they might not get the license. Even if rejected this will show they went through proper admin routes but were let down for no proper reason. This point plays a role in any future legal disputes. Also, if rejected they can sue for abuse of administrative power and get a ruling through it. Last but not least they can always get licenses from somewhere else. Even for the TV channel there are other sat channels that are non-Egyptian but could be received in Egypt and so, its not impossible. With all due respect, all Im reading and seeing are cries and anguish and nothing is done to overcome what happened. As for e-journalism, Im all for it BUT how many can you reach with that?!! I think all of you in the same boat need to think together, this blow is against all of you and no one person. Because you were not active enough when the first writer or prog was stopped this is what happens today, 3 or 4 writers stopped at one time and one major TV program.


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