Friday, October 8, 2010

Burlesque , Kylie And Iglesias in Cairo

Julio Iglesias will once again sing at the Pyramids plateau as part of his 2010 world tour, it will be on the 15th of October just next Friday. if you want to hear and see Julio , you will have to pay either LE 2000 or LE 1000 !!
If you think that this is too much to be paid in one concert , well my dear this is nothing , in fact cheap compared to other coming events and concerts in our third world country whose 40% of its population are under the poverty line according to the international bank itself !!
Enigma magazine is holding a big gala party next 21st of October 2010 and it is not held  to celebrate the anniversary of the October war but rather the magazine 10th anniversary , the magazine called it a charity event but for sure those who will attend that party will not go not for charity but to prove they are the Who is Who , crème de la crème of the Egyptian society that afford the tickets of this gala party !!
The star of this gala party was Kylie Minogue , already I remember that from couple of months ago there were talks about Rihanna but what you know , of course most of those who will attend the gala party are not fans for Minogue or even heard about her aside for the young generations that are familiar with her songs.
Now to our major issue here , there are limited tickets available now for those interested :
  • For individual tickets , you will pay LE 3,000 per person !!
  • High tables can be reserved at LE 30,000 for 10 people. “LE 3000 X 10”
I do not need to see Kylie Minogue to pay LE 3000 or 30,000, I can simply go and donate that amount of money anonymously to Abu El-Reesh hospital if I really want to help this hospital !!
The gala party will be at the pyramids of Giza plateau , ironically the pyramids of Giza are believed to be actually big tombs for our great  ancestors.
We move to Buddha bar Cairo which is celebrating its 3rd anniversary in its own way , it is holding a Burlesque party with the Playboy DJ !! Well it is not a surprise to because burlesque acts have been always presented in Sharm El-Sheikh at Pacha and also at GanZ’s parties but it is first to know that it is welcomed in Cairo openly in this way !!? Of course I do not dare to ask where is the vice police from the playboy mate of the year !!?? Anyhow Tazkarty Egypt has reminded us that it is not sex but it is fun !!
The tickets prices are as follows :
  • LE 400 for entrance fees and just  standing with free beer and wine
  • LE 1400 for tables including entrance fees and one free Absolute Vodka bottle.
  • LE 6400 for VIP corner , there is only one VIP corner for those who want to be pampered
Unlike Enigma there is no charity here , it is all for Buddha bar.
Everybody is free to do whatever he or she wants as long as they are not breaking the law but is not all this too provoking in a country where people are wondering whether they will be able to buy tomatoes and find a load of bread next week for God sake !!
These two Egypts or three Egypts can’t continue going on in to their separate worlds for God sake.


  1. It is not sex the Tazkarty Egypt tweet says, Z. ;)

  2. C'est la is not fair.
    The Canadian.

  3. I agree with the Canadian again. o_O

  4. @Jason
    You must have switched to Canadian beer?
    The Canadian.


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