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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dostor Saga Follow Up : Reactions And Opinions

Here is the latest developments in the Dostor daily Saga.
First of all Ibrahim Eissa spoke on air yesterday on Al Jazeera Mubshar and I was so happy by the public support he received even from non Egyptians.
Ibrahim Eissa on Al Jazeera Mubshar
Second of all we do not know what is going now up till ; Youm 7 says Badawy and the Dostor journalists have reached to an agreement but there is no chief in editor yet while Al Masry Al Youm says that Badawy agreed on the journalists demands except one : The return of Eissa.
I can’t trust Youm 7 nor Al Masry Al Youm plus there is no confirmation from any of the Dostor journalists and writers I know.
Already we know that there was going to be a protest stand at the journalists syndication today 12 PM CLT, I do not know what happened to it.
Third of all you will not believe the amount of support Ibrahim Eissa has received from the people who consider him now the latest victim of Gamal Mubarak’s hereditary project. Badawy has lost in a way he could not imagine , in fact I believe that he is the true loser in this game.
Fourth at last we know those other shareholders besides Badawy and Edward who acquired Al Dostor thanks to Al Ahram. According to the report Badawy revealed the other shareholders in his meeting with the journalists on Wednesday and they are :
  • Dr. Abdel Manam Habib , the vice chairman of Sigma Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Mohsen El-Kal , the vice chairman of Sigma Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Mahmoud  Abdou Mahrous , a professor at university of Alexandria
  • Mahmoud Lotfi El-Faky , who is a member in the MB !!!
Fifth here are couple of links from Op-eds and opinons about Eissa that support him and his newspaper :
Siyad Badawy now needs a PR agency like the one Gamal Mubarak uses in London , seriously I am thinking that this move was to kill both Al Dostor and Al Wafd party or rather Sayid Badawy who is facing partisan problems in his party already.
Update : 
The interview of Nahdet Misr in Badawy's Dostor
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