Friday, November 5, 2010

And So The Sphinx Speaks After All ..To Israeli Press

Our spy chief “minister of national security” Omar Soliman was in a visit in Israel from two days ago and guess what !!?? We heard him speaking to the Israeli media and he was smiling to them !!
Despite being the second most well known spy chief after notorious and controversial Salah Nasr , despite being officially a minister in the cabinet ,despite being a possible presidential candidate to Mubarak and despite being unofficially the real foreign minister of Egypt who is responsible of our foreign files like Palestine , Sudan , Syria and Lebanon not to mention our relations with the States , we do not hear the general’s voice in any Egyptian media whether official or unofficial.
With Perez 
“Can anyone recognize the pin our spy chief is wearing !!?? I tried to magnify it but I failed !!??”
The general has not spoken to any Egyptian media as far as I could , the general has not even gone to the Parliament to speak even to the representatives of the public in the national security committee. I remember that Talaat El-Sadat was tried to question him in the parliament but he failed as far as I remember.
The Egyptian media knows that he is a taboo , they do not dare to ask for an interview !! In fact most newspapers are very shy when they speak about him with the exception of Dostor.
With Stinky Bibi 
Already I was so surprised to find him smiling with Shimon Peres and Stinky Bibi when the media is speaking all over Egypt about the statements of the Israeli Aman’s former chief Aviv Kochavi that Israel had covert operations in Egypt in those 20 years like no other country and that Israel technically knows every place in Egypt  !! I do not believe in the authenticity of these statements and even if Yadlin truly said these statements , they would be classified under the psychological warfare category still they are making headlines in the Arab world and Al Masry Al Youm spoke about them. “  I recommend that you read Dr. Hassan Nafa’a commentary about these statements in Arabic
I do not know if that smile of Soliman was an Upper Egyptian trick of hiding his true feelings and devilish plans or what but he must know that he is no longer the man in the shadow.
Anyhow here is a video report from 2008 where you can hear Omar Soliman speaking to the Israeli journalists , I could not find the recent one from two days ago.
High Expectations
Silence is not always gold  you know.
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  1. Mr Soliman often wears a pin on his suit in his official meetings. I could notice he wore pins on his suits since his early meetings with Yasser Arafat. I scrutinized the picture, and other pictures using a magnifying glass to preserve its resolution, but I only recognized a big 'S' that I didn't what it signifies. I could also recognize red and green colours in the background. That's all what I could get. Even this man's pin seems as mysterious as the man himself!

  2. Superman's Authentic Italian Pizzeria or..

  3. @Ensa: "S" may be for his first name initials, nt so difficult.


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