Friday, November 26, 2010

Cast The First Stone If Your Princes And Princesses Do Not Go To Israel For Treatment

The Arab media is speaking and dying to know which Arab Gulf princess went to treated medically in Israel and before the President’s visit to Qatar all accusation fingers in Egypt were pointing to the Qatari royal family. We love to blame Qatari royal family and to accuse them of sleeping with the Israelis despite the fact our regime is an original sinner !!
Our media loves to remind us with the secret relations with the Qatari royal family and Israel despite the fact the Egyptian Israeli relations especially the economic one are kept as secret away from the public and the media like for instance the fact that we export to Israel tomatoes and steel !! “I did not know about the tomatoes before”. Unlike Qatar we have normal relations with Israel considering the Peace treaty we signed , why we do not keep our media and the people in the dark when it comes to the economic and security agreements with Israel !!?? A question that I hope to know its answer soon.
Yes the Qatari royal family and its prince are having a very special and close relations with Israel but I hate to tell you that our sick princess is not from Qatar but from Emirates , she is supposedly from one of the ruling families in UAE. Of course I am astonished that they call her princess and not Sheikha , as in the UAE there are no princes or princesses but rather  Sheikh and Sheikha.
Anyhow if that news is true, I will not be surprised from her family’s decision to travel to Israel because there are or were relations between the two countries at least economic ones behind the scenes. It is not about the official relations between the two countries but the UAE businessmen and the Israeli businessmen , we all remember that Mohamed Al Abbar had talks with Israeli officials including Sharon and Peres about the settlements he wanted to turn in to compounds.
Hisham Khalil aka NDP's Marlon Brando
Now please do not cast her and her husband the first stone because you got people from the ruling regime who went and still go to Israel like for instance Hisham Mustafa Khalil ‘Marlon Brando’s people assembly’ .  Hisham Mustafa Khalil , the son of our former prime minister Mustafa Khalil aka the architect of Peace was treated in Israel for some difficult health condition which I do not know. For sure the no.1 defender of the relations normalization between Egypt and Israel had a very special treatment.
I know another family , a very rich high family that traveled to Israel to treat their son. I will not say the name of the family but you must know they are really highly influential and their young child had this rare health condition and they traveled all the world for a cure but found none except some breakthrough treatment in Israel. They traveled and the kid had this treatment and thank God it worked.
Now about the princess , well I got several mixed views about the matter, Israel for sure will not leave this golden opportunity and the evidence is in front of you , an immediate leak to the media. I do not know what price those Egyptians who go their pay but sometimes you can’t just let your beloved ones die in front of your eyes and there is a cure somewhere  which you can afford. Still I do not understand a single issue , if that was a heart surgery why that prince did not bring the crew in to the UAE secretly to have that operation without travelling to Israel. For sure that prince is capable of paying and hosting the medical team.
I can’t be a judge nor you can be the judge on the rational of the families of the sick , it is not a matter of political ideologies or geopolitics for them especially when you have officially normal relations with this or that country and you can afford the cure , legally they are not breaking the law. Of course there is a difference between a very rare disease that has no cure except in that country only and between let’s go there because it is cool and fashion.
I am speaking from the fact that one of my relatives got this disease that is killing him while he is still in his youth after being on the top of the world literally ; he is rich and he traveled the globe searching a treatment , he even went to China to try its famous traditional alternative medicine and unfortunately it did not work and so I know how people can go far for a cure. 
Now I hope that the Israeli hospitals open its doors to the Palestinians  especially in Gaza in the same way they open their doors to rich Arabs if they really care for peace.


  1. Thank you Zeinobia for pointing to this shameful and disgusting story.

  2. @Zeinobia, I am not sure what is your point in this post? Are you saying that its ok to go to Israel if the cure is only available in Israel?
    It is obvious that the princess illness is very rare and only Israel, considering that it leads the world in stem cell research papers per capita, might have an experimental treatment for that illness.It is definitely not an illness that requires only surgery.

  3. أهم حاجة، بيروحو هناك يتعالجوا على نفقة الدولة ولا لأ؟

    والله العرب دول كلهم عايزين ضرب الجزم، هو يعني الممنوع مرغوب و خلاص، ما يروحوا يتعالجوا في أمريكا ولا فرنسا ولا أي داهية، أكيد الطب هناك مش أوحش من إسرائيل يعني

  4. @Izzat , you welcome my dear sir

    @Hazem , I can't have a full opinion because it is too complicated , all what I am saying is that we should not be so judgmental on the families of those sick if they do not have other choices

    @Tarek, طب لو كان ما فيش علاج غير فى اسرائيل

  5. "why that prince did not bring the crew in to the UAE secretly"

    Z, state-of-the-art surgery requires fixed facilities. It's not enough to just fly the doctors to the patient and expect them to use a local hospital that's foreign to them.

  6. A person's serious health situation precedes political ideology, religious beliefs, dietary obligations, etc.
    It is common knowledge that opposing enemy soldiers have requested and received various merciful acts including medical treatment.
    They say that a human being faces their true identity when they see the face of death.
    I choose life.
    The Canadian.

  7. @Tarek, طب لو كان ما فيش علاج غير فى اسرائيل

    ببساطة يموت أحسن


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