Saturday, November 13, 2010

He Asked For This And He Got It

Do you remember the Egyptian refusenik Maikal Nabil Sanad ??  It seems that he has been arrested today from his house by the military intelligence or the military police considering to be accurate and more realistic. I do not know if he was arrested or not as his twitter account was updated to late time.  If he has been arrested , he was arrested for breaking the martial law and did not admit himself to the military base where he would serve as an officer. “He was arrested and he is fine according to his brother whom he talked him on the telephone”

With my all respect Sanad got what he wanted to , he wanted to be the next martyr of freedom of expression in Egypt and he tried to prepare the stage for his crucifixion by the hands of the awful terrible anti-Semitic army of Egypt.  He knew that he would be arrested for breaking the martial law and I believe the army did not break legal procedures. Being a blogger or an activist does not give you the right to break the law and not to bear the consequences I am afraid.

Needless to say his interview with right wing Israeli Yediot Ahronot did not make him win a lot of supporters and sympathizers in Egypt , on the contrary even those who think that we should not have now a mandatory military service , even those who think that the Egyptian army should give up more power to the civil society and stop interfering in our civilian and political world are not standing with him. Still very few as far as I could tell are defending Sanad because of freedom of expression.

I am bothered now that again the regime media may use Sanad to claim that Egyptian bloggers do not respect the Egyptian army and calling it anti Semitic ..etc. I am bothered that his political affiliations with Egyptian opposition political parties like the democratic front and figures like Osama Ghazli Harb and Ayman Nour will be used in this election season.

P.S Abdel Karim Amar has been released from 6 days from his prison but he has been detained so far in unknown by the State security.

Another important P.S related to our original topic Egypt is not the only country with mandatory military service in the world.

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  1. Hi Zeinobia, I'm glad you mentioned Ayman Nour, because there was something I forgot to say about him in our discussion last time. Sorry, I would link to our earlier discussion but I can't find it. You said that Mohamed El Naschie's brother Said Elnashaie of Ayman Nour's El Ghad party (or maybe Ayman Nour himself, I don't remember) was not an extreme leftist but rather an Arab nationalist. I disagreed, saying their rhetoric sounded like the usual communist claptrap. Anyway if you look at this blog The Case Of Said Elnashaie here is what it says about Said:

    "this extreme left wing personality belonged for many years to the forbidden hardcore Egyptian Communist Party."

    That was written by El Naschie's other brother, Amr Elnaschai, who also created a similar blog in Arabic.

    So, yeah. Said's an extreme leftist. And Ayman Nour invited him to a leadership position, so he is too.


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