Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talk To Me About Sovereignty

Again the Egyptian regime has rejected officially the U.S request for international poll monitors and the reason this time was to protect our sovereignty !! The Egyptian officials used very big words this time like : America is not our guardian , our sovereignty ,our dignity …etc.

I do not understand what brings international poll monitors to the sovereignty talk !!?? 

Why was it ok for the United States to call for international poll monitors to its last presidential elections but it is not ok for Egyptian regime !?? Ironically they invited poll monitors from Egypt like MP Mohamed Mustafa Shardi !!?? Was not an insult to the American sovereignty !!?

If the Egyptian regime believes that its elections whether presidential or parliamentary are transparent and irregularities free , why it is afraid to let the world see it !!?? This can be applied to the media crackdown , why there are so much restrictions on the media during this election if it is transparent and democratic !!?  If you do not want to have international poll monitors , then you must stop your media crackdown to show good intentions to the world !!

Also how dare these regime officials are speaking about the Egyptian sovereignty when our real sovereignty is being desecrated day and night !??

Just last week Israeli security officers interrogated and inspected an Arab Israeli journalist “Sabrine Diab” in Cairo international airport’s offices without any right, up till now there was no official explanation on why or how the Israeli security officers could use our Cairo airport offices. Is not this an insult to our sovereignty !!??

Where were the regime  and our sovereignty when the Israeli forces killed our soldiers in the borders and said sorry only after killing them over and over !!? These soldiers were buried in secrecy at night by the orders of the regime.

Where is our sovereignty when drunken rich Gulf men kill our people in the streets with their reckless driving and later they are being let to leave the country without any accountability from any kind just after one telephone call to their embassies !!?

I just wish that our officials especially our diplomats in the States who suddenly became active and are trying desperately to beautify an old fallen regime to stop speaking about over lost sovereignty !!?


  1. Sudanese Optimist11/23/2010 02:40:00 AM

    Egypt has sent 'observers' to oversee Sudan's Presidential and Legislative elections.

    The South does not want Egypt to be involved in the referendum in any capacity whatsoever - and rightly so since Egypt is biased.

    One can rest assured that the same courtesy which the Sudanese extended to the Egyptians, will not be extended to the Sudanese for their political and civil society groups to oversee Egypt's elections...

    Notwithstanding the lack of reciprocity this makes sense because the elections in Egypt are nothing but farcical window-dressing.

    We have said in Sudan that with the monopolisation by the ruling party of the media and security forces - that change will take generations - it seems that change will take even longer in Egypt.

    I wish Egypt's reality was different.

  2. Bringing international observers and showing them how clean your election is something to be proud of and does not threaten the country.

    I wish the NDP government switch its position
    I wish the Egyptian public force NDP to bring international observers.

    Egyptian in USA

  3. @Egyptian in USA: we wish we were able to push to NDP and its govs and president to do so many things too. I think they will allow some in the end once they are sure they got every thing under control of course.

    @Sudanese Observer: The post is about how Egypt isnt allowing foreign and int observers so, your point about extending the invitation to Sudanese observers is obsolete. As for Egyptian monitors for the ref, Im sure u knw the observers mostly come form NGOs and not the gov, and here I was thinking the pure you had issues w the gov not the ppl whom you claim to know so many from them. Well to make it short, who cares really, have Egy monitors or dnt again irrelevant to this post. We are all waiting for the illusionary Sudanese freedom coming from the same ppl who cldnt change a criminal wanted president, good luck with that :D

  4. Sudanese Observer11/23/2010 11:56:00 PM

    Sudanese observers would be both foreign and international...

    The Southern Sudanese (and I'm not one) don't trust Egyptian observers whether from NGO's, civil society or the Arab League because of Egypt's collective obsession with the water issue.

    Back to our President who served in 'Egypt's' war...it's ironic that he is both wanted by the ICC (which Egypt's political class both in power and in the opposition are firmly against) and popular in Sudan at the same time...

    If he hadn't served in 'Egypt's' war with her subsequent peace partner Israel - he probably wouldn't have been wanted by the ICC...

    For the benefit of the French speakers:


    Anyway we're all waiting for the next President who will deal with the Nile Waters issue according to the popular and democratic will...

  5. What was the name of the famous Egyptian politician who gave up and said to his wife while lying in bed "Cover me up Nfissa, there is no hope"

  6. @Sudanese Observer

    Very interesting video...
    But he doesnt talk about Egypt (except to remind that Sudan's president participated to 1973 war)

  7. Sudanese Observer11/24/2010 02:51:00 AM

    Yes he said that's one of the reasons why he's being persecuted - for fighting in Egypt's war - he actually joined as part of Egypt's army...

  8. @Sudanese Observer: Of course the officials in Egy dnt support the ICC along w most Arab officials, bec their ppl might one day use it against them. They arent the only ones of course, the Americans arent also supporting it.
    I dnt care if your criminal president served in what you call "our" war. That was his decision and he bears its results. Im also sure Ive never heard his name mentioned as one of those amazing ppl who came up with heroic acts in the War. Last but not least, this wasnt "our" war only.
    Yes, Sudanese monitors will be international but what I meant is that the point you are making is obsolete. The issue is about allowing foreign monitors in general and not about not allowing Sudanese monitors. So, as usual your point is irrelevant and isnt an issue. Funny enough, you were wondering if the invitation will be extended to Sudanese monitors then proceeded to say Egyptian monitors wont be welcomed in South Sudan! So, Im not getting your point here, on one hand you are alluding to how we wont be inviting monitors from your country and on the other, you are alluding to how monitors from my country wont be welcomed! You know the solution is simple, if someone made the mistake to invite you please spare us having you in our country which you dislike so much and well if Egyptian monitors whom by the way happen to be mostly from independent NGOs, mostly do not see eye to eye with our regime, please do not personally welcome them. Now, does that make you feel better :D
    As for the fact that your president is popular, I have yet to meet one Sudanese who like the man. However, you are posing here as the expert so, following your words that the man is popular, good for you guys, if this man was removed you might still had a chance at preserving a unified country and actually achieved that so called "we are more free" illusion you claimed to have achieved. As for your criminal president claiming he's being persecuted for fighting in Egypt's war, what a joke only to be believed by fools.
    Nice, you arent a Southern Sudanese but you come here and talk on their behalf, mostly about how much they hate us and wt decisions they will take. I've met sm Southern Sudanese and yes they expressed dismay at Egyptian decision regarding some issues but I was never told or made to feel hated. In fact, I liked how they where objective and talking about mutual interests. What I also understand is that mutual feelings between the Southern and Northern Sudanese are exactly lovey-dovey.
    Likewise, we are also waiting for an Egyptian president and regime who will be able to better defend and represent the interests of our country. You see, we are all in waiting.

    @Z: I read somewhere about his "mafeesh faida" statement and how its been taken out of context and used to put ppl down. I'll try to find it and send it to you but was wondering if you read something similar bec for me this statement seemed in contrast with his life struggle.

  9. Sudanese Observer11/25/2010 06:08:00 AM

    Zeinobia's post was on the lack of foreign and international observers in Egypt's upcoming elections.

    And my comment was on Sudanese observers (from the opposition and NGOs) who are both foreign and international and who will not be observing Egypt's elections...

    Anyone who does not see the relevance either thinks that Sudanese observers are neither international nor foreign or lacks cognitive logic.

    I do not qualify as a citizen of South Sudan, but you do not know whether I am part Southern Sudanese or have Southern Sudanese family or am a member of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement like Yasser Arman...

    Egyptian monitors were invited to monitor Sudan's 'national' elections at all levels - all over the country.

    However the referendum is based in South Sudan and made for and by the Southern Sudanese people who don't trust Egypt's motives.

    Firstly you said you 'never met Sudanese who said such and such' and now you're saying you've never met Southern Sudanese who've said such and such.

    Where did you meet those Southern Sudanese?
    In Mustafa Mahmoud square..?

    You're obviously very ignorant of all things Sudanese when you put the blame for the realisation of the historical promise of the peoples' of South Sudan and the ensuing peace between North and South on the current President - who although I did not vote for - must admit is popular all over Northern Sudan.

    You consistently portray all the characteristics of an ignoramus.

    Get your facts straight, the US is against the ICC prosecuting its citizens and is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, but it is strongly in favour of the ICC involvement in the Darfur conflict and consistently asks the Sudanese government to cooperate - presumably by handing its head of State over...

    And the opposition to the ICC in Egypt is not confined to 'officials' but even to the opposition as well as independent experts...

    Sudan's President served in 'Egypt's' war - that much is fact.

    Some Sudanese are saying he was a fool to do so - that much is fact.

    And your portrayal of the self-determination of the peoples of South Sudan in such disparaging terms is clear evidence of why the peoples of South Sudan 'do not want' Egyptian monitors...

    Read and educate yourself some - then maybe 'some' of what you say would have an inkling of validity.

    This article reflects the view of Southern Sudanese intellectuals:

    Egypt is not just looking for Water!

    And re: the Nile's waters and the statements of Prime Minister Zenawi - don't say we didn't warn you - but you can revel in ignorance all you want - that won't stop massive change from unfolding.


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