Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ahmed Ezz Writes For Al Ahram Again

This is not the first time Ahmed Ezz writes an Op-ed in Al Arahm about the NDP and its pseudo achievements attacking the media for being biased and showing only the glass half empty . Ezz will tell us in a series of Op-eds how the NDP kicked the the “banned” MB and Al Wafd’s asses in the elections.
The iconic shot of Ezz
Ezz claims that the NDP has changed .. and so is reality !! Well I do not know what has really changed in NDP except it became more stupider and arrogant than before while the reality is as we know it in Egypt , it is not that good and we hope and pray for a miracle to become better.
Again Ezz uses his favorite example  to demonstrate how Egyptians are rich :  Egyptians are buying cars madly in the past 4 years “thanks to the deadly attractive banks’ cars loans, we do not have mortgage but we have cars loans” 
By the way Ezz said that same example literally in the NDPC 2009 , this shows how creative he is !!
Also where is the achievement of making the farmers live besides the land they owned !!?? Have not the farmers always lived besides the land they owned !!??
If things are so promising as Mr. Ezz claims , can he explain to us why on earth and heavens Al-Orman Charity has ads all over the media calling the people to donate for the poor villages in Upper Egypt without access to clean water or electricity !!?? I think Al-Orman Charity society will win in any elections against the NDP for its services !!
I am listening currently to Nancy  Sinatra singing “These boots are for walking” and I am seriously waiting for the day Egypt will start walking on Ahmed Ezz and NDP !!


  1. the only one from NDP that make me laugh

  2. Is his head proportionally large as compared to his body?
    The Canadian

  3. @Hisham , he does not make me laugh , he makes me angry

    @The Canadian , yes his head is large , he is a strange creature already

  4. Z, These Boots are Made for Walking is one of my all-time favorites. I love Nancy! On the subject of music. Do you know Carameldansen? It's in Swedish and there are versions and re-mixes in many styles and languages. If you come across an Arabic version I would love to be informed.


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