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Cablegate And Mohamed ElBaradei : The IAEA Days

We know what the U.S diplomatic cables say about Hosni and Gamal Mubarak, Omar Soliman , Ayman Nour and MB , then what does it say about Mohamed ElBaradei !?

First of all you must know the Wikileaks cables  , at least the available released cables do not include anything about ElBaradei as a political leader , they are all related to the IAEA . There has been nothing yet in the released cables as far as I have searched about what Reuters received in 2004 from transcripts of Mohamed ElBaradei phone calls with the Iranian Ambassador. The Bush administration was spying on his phone calls in order to prevent him from securing a second term in the agency but they failed as we know. May there will be coming cables about that scandal in 2004 .Of course what was published in the cables from orders to the U.S diplomats to spy and collect data and forensic from top diplomats in the UN enforced those diplomatic UN espionage charges despite the U.S denial.

By the way DG stands for director general.

The first mention for Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei was in a secret cable sent on May 19,2008 from the U.S embassy in Paris to Washington D.C before president Bush’s up coming visit to France in June 2008. The visit was to cover many issue. The first part deals with Sarkozy , how he was elected and how he brought France closer to the U.S “this what matter to the U.S” regardless of his popularity inside France. The first and only mention of ElBaradei came in paragraph about the the Iranian nuke program and how the Sarkozy’s administration shared the U.S its skepticism towards ElBaradei.

The French share our skepticism about ElBaradei and the IAEA.

The second mention for Mohamed ElBaradei was in a secret cable sent on February 22nd ,2009 from the State security in Washington D.C to a number of U.s embassies in the world including the U.S embassy in Cairo. The cable was about the reports issued by the IAEA about Iran and Syria. The U.S embassies were required to explain the U.S views about the IAEA reports to the host countries especially in London, Paris, Moscow and Beijing.

With respect to Iran, DG ElBaradei's description of the dichotomy between the stalled investigation and rapid pace of Iran's centrifuge advances is stark.

The reports despite showing that something is taking place in Syria and Iran were not good enough for the States to punish those axis of evil states.

The third mention for Mohamed ElBaradei was in a confidential cable sent on November 21st , 2009 from the State security in Washington D.C to its delegation in Vienna following the latest report issue by ElBaradei about Iran’s nuke program in November 16,2009 “ that actually was the only mention for the former chief of IAEA in the case”

With respect to Iran, DG ElBaradei's description of the dichotomy between the stalled investigation and rapid pace of Iran's centrifuge advances is stark.

The cable was actually an  action plan for the delegation and a number of U.S embassies in Europe to lobby against Tehran .

The fourth mention for Mohamed ElBaradei was in a secret cable sent on December 2nd , 2009 from the U.S mission to the IAEA in Vienna to the State department in Washington D.C. The secret cable was about a meeting between IAEA staffers and House foreign affairs committee staffer . The meeting discussed the axis of evil club “ Iran-Syria- N.Korea” latest nuclear activities and it was expected to find the name of the IAEA ex-head now ElBaradei in the context.

The fifth mention for Mohamed ElBaradei was in a confidential cable sent on December  9,2009 from the U.S mission in Vienna to State department in Washington D.C. The confidential cable was about Iran after the drama following the last presidential elections. Former Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Michael Postl spoke about the his meetings with Iranian current and former officials and also opposition figures in Tehran after the elections.

Dr. ElBaradei was mentioned of course in the part that dealt with the Iranian nuke program especially with the controversy of the Fordow feul enrichment plant in city of Qom.

Although IAEA Director General ElBaradei said after the first inspection of the FFEP that it was nothing more than "a hole in a mountain," the IAEA Board of Governors passed a resolution against Iran, citing the FFEP as one of its main points (ref A). Postl argued that this probably leads Iran to believe that the international community is not serious about the issue, and that, rather, this is "a game."

Now this cable for sure will harm the Michael Postl , he will be no longer welcomed in Tehran as before. It is also bad for President Khatami and the reformists in Iran.

The sixth mention for Dr. ElBaradei or the former head of IAEA now was in a cable that was sent on January 29, 2010 from State security to number of embassies around the globe. It was an action plan cable again for the U.S diplomats in order to lobby world countries against Tehran. 

I wonder if we will find a new released cable about ElBaradei and his political struggle in Egypt soon.

I used this new service “ Cable search” to trace Dr. ElBaradei’s mention in the cables and so if you know or find his name in other cables please share it with us.

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