Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Arrest Of Alleged Israeli Spy ring in The Egyptian Telecommunication Sector !!

Weekly Swat Al Oma published a very interesting exclusive report last Friday and it is not the one about the theft of Alaa Mubarak’s shoes in Petrosport club  , it is much more alarming and dangerous report about new espionage case in Egypt.

Sawt Al Oma Friday 18 December

Yes there is a new espionage case in Egypt the weekly newspaper exclusively published its alarming details for the first time. The case’s number in the military criminal court as mentioned in the newspaper is No.5 for year 2010  , the case is in front of the martial court as far I understand.

According to the newspaper the GIS in cooperation with the State security have arrested 3 suspected spies working for Israel in the Egyptian telecommunication sector. Two of the suspects are or were working at Mobinil and they were allegedly spying on the international calls of specific important clients in Egypt. According to the report that was full of technical details  the third suspect who worked at the University of Fayoum helped the other two in to transferring the calls to Israel. 

The suspects are accused of transferring international calls from a switch in Egypt to a receiver in Israel. The first two suspected are accused of spying for a foreign country and trespassing a forbidden military zone at the eastern borders. The two suspects went to Israel illegally. “if they did not do anything wrong , why would they go to Israel through illegal ways !!? “ The suspects of course denied the charges yet they did not deny that they cooperated with Israeli Gilat satellite communications company.

The newspaper mentioned the suspects’ first names then it mentioned their full names in the report. I do not know if it were a mistake or not considering the fact that they have not been convicted yet with espionage. Already if you read the  very small  scan of the military investigation report included in the report  through  magnifying glass , you can read their full names and even their own home addresses !!

The state security investigates a new Israeli spy ring

I do not know why the GIS has not announced about that case yet or why it was announced through a weekly newspaper and not through daily newspapers. From media perspective the Mubarak regime and the GIS need some kind of triumph  against the Wikileaks cables from one side “Spying on neighbor Arab and Islamic countries “ and  to raise their popularity again after the elections. May be there is a huge consideration that this case can affect negatively on Mobinil especially with the sectarian tension that rises from time to time and the calls to boycott the company.

There is no doubt that Israel wants to infiltrate the telecommunications sector in Egypt and it may have succeeded “ most probably in doing so” not only in Mobinil but also in the other two networks as well “Vodafone” and “ Etisalat Misr” as well. The telecommunication sector especially the mobile phone mobile operators are very important to Israel and I think these spy rings operating for years  in the telecommunications sector in Lebanon are the best proof for that.

Hopefully there will be more details about the case in the future.


  1. I read this in the Syrian The press but I never thought it was true .Wow .

  2. Coming from cheap media like Swat EL Omma denies the story any credibility especially as you said it wasn't published -yet- in any other paper either the reasonable Al Masry Al youm or Moustafa Bakry's rubbish whatever it's name is.

    The long history of court cases between Adel Hamooda & Naguib that lasted as far as I remember in a dozen or more court cases that Adel Hamouda lost all gives you an idea why the spy should come out of Mobinil !!!

    JUST FYI - & that's from a purely technical persepective; if there is an INTL call going through a commercial network -like Mobinil- a third class hacker can trace & listen to the call not necessary to be a spy ring with 3 employees in Mobinil & a University Professor !! Plus at the switch side; any illegal 'hearing' or we call it sniffing is recognized immediately.

    This story if true will be a sign of a major failure. It lacks any legs to stand uptight.

    Have a nice evening :)

  3. @Akher Aym, Has it reached to Syria so far !!?

    @anonymous,Wael Al Abrashi is now the chief in editor of the newspaper , plus the espionage cases can't be faked especially with names and address like that

  4. First off: how cld they publish their full names and their addresses?! This is putting persons who remain just accused of a crime to be proven against them in danger and I sure hope they get sued for this, regardless of whether or not they are found guilty.

    Second: I read sometime ago that Israel has one of the largest and sophisticated unit specialising in tapping into telecom networks in near by countries and it was mentioned as being at AL Naqab desert. If this has to do w calls of business figures then this is probably economic espionage. Personally, Im sure we are completely infiltrated and according to Wikileaks our army isnt ready to face challenges and this of course has to do in some respects with how effective our security entities are and we all know they only care about keeping us monitored and not protecting the country and its ppl.

    So, Z and others, why are you guys shocked?

  5. Israel for ever

  6. @Last Anon: May God defeat the wills of those who support such a criminal entity. Israel is again proving to be the real enemy and means nothing good for the original inhabitants of the region. Isreal will never last forever bec it was built on lies, crimes and destruction.

  7. isreal forever=30 years.. give or take

  8. If Egypt can spy on Israel,7340,L-3582013,00.html

    than Israel can "spy" on Egypt.

  9. Israel has a long history of not only spying on Egypt, but committing terrorist acts of planting bombs, asassinations, kidnappings etc, many years before Al-Qaeda started using the same tactics.
    Lavon Affair:
    Murdering Scientists:

  10. @IZJ: sure but facts remain, Israel is a criminal illegal entity and an outsider, just the more recent occupier of our region and those always end up loosing and packing up in the end and no matter how much weapons they pill up or how many civilians and babies are killed and how many spies they put up to force their existence on us the citizens of ME, the majority wont accept Zionists and their supporters and they will be made to leave.

    Israel also spies on its main supporter the US, after all we are all creatures of lesser importance and made to serve the Zionists according to twisted religious ideas of those who call themselves wrongly Jews.

  11. I am not surprised at all, given that Israel even spies on its main ally; the United States, with the Jonathan Pollard case being just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the U.S. When the FBI produces its annual report to Congress concerning "Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage," Israel and its intelligence services often feature prominently as a threat second only to China.'s_spying_efforts_on_the_united_states

    This is ironic considering the fact that Israel is the top recipient of US miltary aid. In 2010, Israel is recieving $2.8 billion in miltary aid, which is 50% of the US military aid to the entire world !!!!!!


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