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Back To Square One In the Shark El-Sheikh Attack

Renowned sharks American expert George Burgess  and his team held a press conference to discuss their findings on what made the sharks go mad in Sharm El-Sheikh and honestly I think he and other experts have reached to nothing. Burgess and other experts believe that there are couple of reasons on  why the sharks came to close shores and attacked humans not once but several times  :
Jaws by Montygog
  1. The sharks behavior changed after the incident of that Australian cargo ship jettisoning dead sheep. “I am not an expert but that happened couple of months ago and the Australian company denied any relation as it was forced to clean the mess it made by the ministry of environmental affairs”
  2. The sharks behavior changed after the heat wave in the summer.
  3. The sharks behavior changed after the lack of their natural food “fish” in the middle of the sea and thus they were forced to search for food at the shores. “I think it is the most logic explanation” “
  4. The smell of the cream and other cosmetics  the tourists especially women use could provoke the shark that has got powerful sensing capabilities.
The experts are still puzzled on why the oceanic white tip shark hit the shores at least twice. This rarely happens because sharks do not like human flash in general despite no one denies that the aggressive types of sharks do harm humans.
The oceanic white tip shark has not been hunted down yet and most probably to what I read and I understood it has possibly returned back to deep sea. The beaches are open again to the swimming activities but I wonder if tourists will return back to the sea instead of staying all day long on the beach.
 Speaking of logical scientific reasons behind these attacks again, the first question asked  by the NDP members in the new elected parliament with no opposition was about the Israeli involvement in the shark attacks in Sharm. The theory is evolving from GPS devices to injected steroids. The governor of South Sinai , Shosha claims that he said anything about Israel after his scandal worldwide.
I want to express sorrow and my condolences to the family of 70 year old Renate  Seiffert, the German tourist who was killed after the last shark attack. That lady turned to be a real Sharm lover , she had been coming to Egypt annually for the last ten year.
I also feel extremely sad for the Russian and Ukrainian tourists especially Olga Martsinko whom despite her dangerous and horrible injury asked us not to launch a witch hunt against the Sharks. You must know that Olga’s backbone was seen by the eye after the attack , it is a miracle that she is still alive. Poor lady though the shark a dolphin coming near to her !!
Olga and her daughter before the attack "Daily Mail"
Wael Al Abrashi aired a special segment about the shark attacks in Sharm last Saturday and despite what you think about his show , surprisingly the segment was far logic and scientific than any other thing showed on the Egyptian channels thanks to the guests he chose. His guest speakers were Ayman Salah Taher , who owns a diving center in Sharm and former pilot Hani Galal who is an expert diver and also an experts in aviation accidents."FYI Hani Galal was the captain of the Egypt Air Flight 648. "
Wael Al Abrashi showed the shocking photos for Russian tourists after being rescued and the least thing to be said about them that they are extremely graphic. He also aired a short interview with Olga from inside her room in the hospital. It is miracle that she survived that attack.
Olga at the hospital in Cairo "Daily Mail"
Both men agreed that there are no actual beaches in Sharm due to the nature of the red sea itself and we should not launch a witch hunt against because not only it would harm the eco-balance in the area but also will turn the world against us. “ The government does not give a damn about the eco-balance but it gives damns about the angry West”
The truth : Shark attacks in Sharm El-Sheikh
Capitan Galal by the way suggested that the sharks sometimes get confused and think that humans are fish from distance and that these deadly bites are actually testing bites to identify what is that thing.
Here is also a very interesting infographic from The Daily Mail also published a photo thought to be for the wanted oceanic white tip shark responsible for the attack taken by a British diver.
The media in Egypt is repeating that the shores of Sharm are open again and safe “without real proof” still the damage has done. Of course lucky enough the tourists do not come here for sea as much for the sun.
By the way I was really surprised to find that the foreign tourists were being compensated “$ 50,0000” by the Egyptian government “aside from the insurance companies” more than the Egyptians who were attacked by sharks recently, in fact I am more surprised that the shark attacks against Egyptians especially from workers  are not highlighted by the media like the shark attacks against foreign tourists. It seems that the authorities in Sharm do not understand that the attacks against Egyptian workers could be an indication for a change in the sharks behavior , it could be an alarm that we have missed.
We should treat the sea carefully , throwing garbage in to the sea , fishing in the open sea and also feeding fish should be stopped if we want to preserve that gold mine in red sea.
That video above was filmed by a British tourist and was uploaded early December , some mostly probably he filmed it by the end of November in Sharm. It was filmed at the famous Sharks bay in Sharm where you can see a group of Russian tourists feeding fish , which is totally wrong. 
Here is a video I found filmed by a tourist called Brian Eastwood in year 2004  for the oceanic white tip shark , it is amazing because you see that the shark was surrounded by couple of divers and it did not attack them. 

Anyhow I hope there will be no more shark attacks in Sharm El-Sheikh or any red sea coastal sea again insh Allah.
Photo source : Daily Mail

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