Saturday, December 25, 2010

Because We Do Not Learn From Our Mistakes

How many times have the Russians double-crossed us since the 1967 defeat !!?? And yet our regime does not want to learn the lesson.

Now here is a report from Israeli DEBKA that connects between the announcement of Tarek Abdel Razek’s arrest and Russian-South Sudanese talks under the Israeli blessing. 

Of course DEBKA forgot to include in its report that Tarek Abdel Razek was arrested last August still the report is very interesting as it shows us Israel is messing around in our South.


  1. Sudanese Observer12/25/2010 03:26:00 PM

    Your South..?


    South Sudan, which doesn't share borders with Egypt, is Egypt's South..?

    The Southern Sudanese are going to have a field day with this!

  2. South Sudan will have the right to arm itself as it sees fit, as will the North, as does Egypt by virtue of Camp David.

    Contradictions define Egypt's relationship with and role in Sudan.

    Attempts to Middle-Easternise the Sudanese question by Egypt's leadership are tantamount to a storm in a teacup.

  3. and yet again the replies coming from the Sudanese who comment here show how fixated they are on hating Egypt. Yes all of Sudan is important for us in Egypt and we will defend our interests as we see fit. The real question here is that how come instead of being angered about how Israel seems to be more in control of the Sudanese affair you are barking at Z for a word she wrote?!
    Great south and north of Sudan will arm themselves as they wish, they will then start fighting yet again and probably the whole situation will end up with bringing more wars to Africa, only this time the war might be on a wider scale, and you idiots instead of looking at how the West and Israel are playing you for fools, splitting your ppl, focusing on the resources they will be lifting up from your country, you are bothered with Egypt and whether we shld call you Arabs or Middle Eastern or not. If Israel is involved in Sudan then it is a Middle Eastern issue, like it or not.

  4. Israel is not in control of South Sudanese affairs, the Southern Sudanese political class, have taken a page out of the Egyptian political class' book - and are engaging the MENA's region's most important player...

    Isn't Israel Egypt's strategic peace partner?

    Isn't all the American FDI, billions in economic aid, QIZ and military aid - due to Egypt's relations with Israel?

    Or, in the words of a senior SPLM member, is it 'halal' for Egypt to have relations with Israel and 'haram' for South Sudan to do so...

    Israel's relations with South Sudan make that a Middle Eastern issue...and Bolivia's recognition of the State of Palestine also make Bolivia a Middle Eastern issue..?

    No one has 'split' us - we have split ourselves by stupidly siding with a nebulous, chauvinist 'pan-Arab' notion of culture that has nothing to do with the reality of our syncretic 'Sudanese' African quintessence.

    The country that is explicitly after Sudan's resources and specifically its water resources is not a Western country or Israel but Egypt:

    Egypt’s takeover of Sudan’s Gezira scheme
    Ali Abdalla Ali, Professor of Economics,37336

  5. Why do think that Israel even cares about South Sudan and Nile Basin countries ??
    If you know the true answer and lie to yourself claiming that Israel is helping South Sudan and Nile Basin countries because the love of cooperation and international peace , then stop
    Do you think that we approve on wasting our gas or that Qiz fiasco !!?
    Israel spies on us if You do not know and threatens our country , Lieberman threatened to blow up the Aswan high dam to kill millions of Egyptians and now you
    You think the regular Egyptian will love that scene not to mention our true politicians who one day will rule that country
    Israel is fooling around in the south just to harm us and you are helping it .. the problem is that Israel knows when the next President of Egypt will be less friendly to win the Egyptian people and thus it creates for us a new challenge , new set of problems

  6. Don't take us for a fool zeinobia. Israel has no interest in weakening egypt, but has lots of vested interest in weakening north sudan.

    Israel also has plenty of interest in allying with an african country with resources. rocket science, indeed.

    I have very little sympathy for those murderous bastards - their crimes against south sudan and now darfur speak for themselves.

    now, if you had less of a corrupt and failing country, you could easily desalinate enough for your needs. I even think israel should offer deslination tech to egypt at a reduced price as a strategic investment.
    but then again, when you choose to fight instead of cooperate, that's what you'd get. you could make so much more out of the peace agreement with us. what will it be then, wanna thirst your country to death trying to keep the unfair water agreements afloat or (gasp!) secure your future using economic cooperation and high technology?

  7. @Zol: How naive can you be?
    Yes you were made to split but bec u r such idiots you are also made to think that you were the ones behind the decision to split yourselves up. The labels you care so much for and which in reality reflect on how racist you are, were not the real problem. You are the real problem, you abused each other so much that uve driven each other away. And what are you going to get in return, a northern Sudan where women will be lashed for wearing pants, run by a criminal president claimed to have stolen millions of dollars from his ppl. A Southern Sudan that is considered the biggest potential threat to the stability of the region, one that has been feared for lack of ability to run as a government. The split isnt even a clear cut issue, with tribes and areas not sure which side they will be included in and resources that will be contested.
    The US and Israel and the West arent helping you bec they love you, only a naive person ignorant to the very basics to political affairs would think so. They are only after your resources and Israel is after water and stronger presence to use it when needed against Egypt.
    Egypt was made to deal with Israel after loosing so much in wars but you are running to deal with them and that is what sets us apart. The ppl until now, do not deal with Israel while you do not seem to have any problems and again that is what sets us apart from all those citing our Camp David as if its something to be taken against us or followed by others.
    Yes, when a country gives aid its a way in many situations to exert pressure on the receiving country. Yes, we get aid, yes we get pressured but the difference is that we are aware of it, as ppl we scream out wn we feel our gov or president is following a certain path bec of that pressure and Egypt unlike Sudan can resist on some issues.

    Egypt has every right to defend its interests in Sudan but we arent the only ones with interest there. Only bec of your hatred towards us, you are only seeing us and when you wake up to your stupidity it will be too late. Yes, when Israel, an occupying force is having dealings and messing with Sudan, this is a Middle Eastern Affair. Yes, when Bolivia makes a declaration about a Palestinian issue, that makes this declaration a Middle Eastern affair.
    God, no wonder you are splitting, you are all about labels, who comes from this tribe or the other, who comes from the North or the South, who is African, Arab, Middle Easter, which label is better. Its all reflecting on how racist you are and this is your real problem that is now costing you your own country.

  8. @Arab Jew , My dear Israel got ministers like Lieberman , Israel got people who still cry on Sinai which is not their ,Israel spies on , Israel kills children and civilians just like Al Bashir but in more elegant way
    You had a golden opportunity to have peace with Egypt but instead you attacked and still are attacking our Arab brothers , signing our peace treaty does not mean will not close our eyes on what Israel is doing against other Arab countries not to mention the disrespect of international laws
    My dear Israel has every reason to weaken Egypt
    About the water , well guess what You will not twist our arm , we will cut it for you like our dear Upper Egyptians always say.

  9. Another sad day for Africa.
    Looks like Sudan is embracing itself for another bloody civil war after-which the vultures will pick their prizes.
    The Canadian.

  10. Interests are interests are interests whether Western, Egyptian or otherwise what makes one set different from any other?

    Where is the evidence of fruitful cooperation between Egypt and 'any' Nile Basin country including Sudan?

    What did we get for the negative transboundary effects of your dam at Aswan which benefited you so much..?


    The Southerners have learned their lesson and will not undertake any project 'for Egypt's benefit'.

    Reflect on history - from all perspectives and eat humble pie.

    Anonymous you really, really, really know nothing about Sudan.

    Please educate and do some reading and then maybe you'll have something useful to say.

    The Darfur rebels have united and the clock is ticking on the government in Khartoum.

    Change is coming.

  11. Well I agree with the Canadian , there will be a next war and unfortunately people in Sudan will wake up very late to understand what they have done and stop blaming others for their mistakes.
    Dear Zol hopefully that change will not be a civil war in your country and the end of what it was known as Sudan forever.

  12. There are no billions in USAid.

    Economic Aid amounts for $250 million(2010)

    Technically speaking, there is no more US aid for Egypt. Old statistics are from the 80's and 90's. Infrastructure projects are mostly financed by the EU and Japan as long-term loans or zero-interest loans(Japan only)

  13. How absolutely insulting.

    The Sudanese people are fools and who are the wise - the Egyptians of course!

    What was taken with power will be re-taken with power - the NCP will come to an end soon...that doesn't mean there will be a civil war - the Darfur movements want Khartoum.

    It's strange for you to wish that a civil war doesn't happen in Sudan, for the length of the 50 plus years of our civil war Egypt was supporting the status quo from the sidelines.

    Sudan forever?
    Which timeline are you referring to?
    Before Muhammad Ali's invasion we were peoples with commonalities living in peace under a number of tribal administrations - it was the use of armed force for natural resource that sowed the seeds of war.

    In any case, through the CPA the Sudanese stopped the civil war, in the recognition of the right of the peoples of South Sudan to their historical promise of independence the Sudanese have sown the seeds of peace.

    Peace for the Sudanese, by the Sudanese - regardless of what Egypt's interests are in the Nile Basin.

  14. 'Just' 250 million?

    And how much American foreign direct investment?

    And the QIZ?

    And how much military aid?

  15. hmm.. was the part about Egypt-U.S military expenditures/ coordination censored or lost in cyberspace?

    Zeinboia, do you work for the ministry of Defense :D

  16. well, you said billions in aid which is contrary to the facts

    250 million is nothing of course for a country like Egypt, they can do without and no one would feel the slightest difference. A relatively substantial part of that aid went to NGOs, not directly to government projects..and that was practically cutoff recently[search google]

    why are you debating facts? you said aid..there's technically no aid now. Feel free to believe what you like but that doesn't change the facts

    Most people still think that Egypt is the second recipient of USAid after isreal when in fact it isn't on the top 10 lis tnow

    American foreign investment is not aid and isn't exclusive to Egypt.. in fact most countries to the east get much more foreign investments-be it American or else. Countries to the west get more EU trade and investment than American, much more actually..Egypt is somewhere in between meaning no special investments.

    Very few companies actually take advantage of the QIZ as not to carry the stigma of zionist cooperation, in reality it benefits isreali companies more..and that's not aid either.

    I had a detailed explanation of military aid [ 600-800 million] but I think it got censored. Again not billions and it's far from being 'aid'. U.S strategists don't actually refer to it as 'aid'. nope, it's not aid.. not by the least bit. I don't want to go into details again because it seems too sensitive, but you can research it, it's not exactly top secret but you will have to dig deep but it's out there

  17. read the links zol..

  18. The U.S. is Egypt’s largest bilateral trading partner, and the second largest investor. In 2010, bilateral trade is expected to exceed $7 billion.

    There is a direct link between politics and foreign direct investment.

    Egypt is a huge recipient of American foreign direct investment.

    Egypt's population by extension are beneficiaries through employment amongst other indicators.

    Countries to the east and west?

    Sudan has US economic sanctions - the exact opposite of Egypt's situation.

  19. Woohoo! there's a direct link between politics and foreign investment? :o of course there is.. between all countries in the world, trade agreements are normally linked to politics. I'm afraid your great epiphany isn't exactly breaking news but thinks for the enlightment!

    Zol, are you hell bent over debating codswallop just for the sake of just can't admit you were wrong about the billions in aid, can you?

    What has the sanctions got to do with anything here, unless you think Sudan is attached at the belly to Egypt, something you will surely protest if it were true.

    In case you didn't know, the trade benefits both countries and USA strategically needs to be the biggest investor in Egypt, surpassing Japan and EU[Germany].

    Countries to the East and west.. do you need a map?never studied geography? countries to the east are Arab Gulf countries that get way more through oil investments and business ventures not just sales of crude. Countries to the west= North African countries get more investments and trade from the EU in comparison. capisce?

    "Egypt's population by extension are beneficiaries through employment"
    no kidding?! in case you didn't noticed that's how the world in a global economy functions. The same way US benefits from Japanese companies, the same way the Sudanese benefit from Chinese companies and even Americans who benefit from selling Egyptian produce in their country.. what are you trying to say? what's the breakthrough discovery? are you innueding it's some sort of aid? I think you lost your argument here because it isn't.

    What I've been trying to tell you, that it isn;t linked to Egypt/Israeli relations/peace treaty as you seem to think.. other things are but those trade agreements go way back because as much as Egypt needs the U.S for investments; the U.S also needs Egypt just as it needs many other countries in the world not purely for economic relations[military]. Otherwise can you explain why countries like Jordan and Morocco have Free trade agreements[one has signed a peace treaty with isreal and the other didn't] whilst free trade with Egypt is restricted through QIZ. If it was for the U.S alone it would sign free trade with Egypt like it did with Jordan but the reality is, isreal protested a U.S/Egypt free trade agreement without being part of's kinda like you saying, hey why does Egypt have those investments and we in Sudan don't?well, you have the Chinese love, don't you? and trust me, as soon as U.S lifts those sanctions, U.S companies will be begging to invest in Sudan. Multinational companies have no religion, no political affiliation. They just want to expand and make money and they are waiting for a green light, either from the U.S or your government[which will probably happen after the South breaks free]

    Egypt's geopolitical importance[yeah, yeah..I'm Egyptian so that must be in my mind but sad for you that's another fact] because of its location alone the USA needs Egypt[you can complain to God that Sudan wasn't situated so strategically, personally I think it's a curse more than a blessing]. Trade and military agreements date back to Saddat era, some were signed even before the 1973 war. Some of them are still binding, some were postponed after a Sinai resolution as to not face opposition from a pro-isreal lobby in the congress.

    The military agreements are so entwined, virtually making the so-called military aid a payment at a huge discount..didn't I tell you to dig deep? and digging deep isn't in the U.S trade website

    To the U.S, Egypt is a NATO country without actually being a signatory..need I say more?
    [nothing to censor here-]:P

  20. OK the economic aid might be a misconception.

    Going back to the initial post, the article is insulting and the comment even moreso.

    Repeating what Africanist and Sudanese Observer said:

    Your South..?


    South Sudan, which doesn't share borders with Egypt, is Egypt's South..?

    The Southern Sudanese are going to have a field day with this!

    12/25/2010 03:26:00 PM
    Africanist said...
    South Sudan will have the right to arm itself as it sees fit, as will the North, as does Egypt by virtue of Camp David (and other agreements with the US).

    Contradictions define Egypt's relationship with and role in Sudan.

    Attempts to Middle-Easternise the Sudanese question by Egypt's leadership are tantamount to a storm in a teacup.

    Zol said...
    How absolutely insulting.

    The Sudanese people are fools and who are the wise - the Egyptians of course!

    What was taken with power will be re-taken with power - the NCP will come to an end soon...that doesn't mean there will be a civil war - the Darfur movements want Khartoum.

    It's strange for you to wish that a civil war doesn't happen in Sudan, for the length of the 50 plus years of our civil war Egypt was supporting the status quo from the sidelines.

    Sudan forever?
    Which timeline are you referring to?
    Before Muhammad Ali's invasion we were peoples with commonalities living in peace under a number of tribal administrations - it was the use of armed force for natural resource that sowed the seeds of war.

    In any case, through the CPA the Sudanese stopped the civil war, in the recognition of the right of the peoples of South Sudan to their historical promise of independence the Sudanese have sown the seeds of peace.

    Peace for the Sudanese, by the Sudanese - regardless of what Egypt's interests are in the Nile Basin.
    12/26/2010 12:14:00 AM

  21. @ArabJew: "I have very little sympathy for those murderous bastards - their crimes against south sudan and now darfur speak for themselves."

    :D so funny coming from someone who supports Israel the most criminal occupation in modern history, the land grabbers, baby killers.

    You all are arguing as if its not well-known how Israel is involved in Africa including Southern Sudan and backer of main pusher of Nile Basin countries.

  22. @ Sudanese: EU and not the US is Egypt's no. 1 trade partner, followed by the US and India used to be ranked 3rd not sure if China has taken over.

    Again, you are missing or blurring the main point. All countries have trade partners, most developing countries receive aid from several countries and institutions and entities. No one is arguing about that. What is naive is how you assume the interest of other countries in Sudan is not influenced by their own interests and only Egypt is the devil for doing what all others are doing in your country, defending her interests. The fact that we define our interests in Sudan as extending beyond the northern part is logical and politically sound, saying otherwise or being shocked for us saying so shows how little you all understand about state-state relations and the politics of it.
    As for Israel, again, Egypt was pushed for a deal w Israel, as well-known and openly complained about by Israeli officials, relations are not normal to the extent that one of the main questions is whether the coming ruler(s) of Egypt would not take a different stand as far as Camp David is concerend. Now, you fools arguing here are jumping in happiness at the thought of relations with Israel, for ppl who talk a lot about human right abuses ect its shocking you are so fine with having friendly relations with an entity like Israel. Also, you are running for this relationship and allowing their meddling in the South and apparently happy for it as long as the label isnt Egyptian, any thing goes as far as your country is concerned. Now, Im sure well have floods of Sudanese refugees bec ppl with such a mind set are not able to hold one or even two countries together.

  23. Anonymous

    What has Egypt done for Sudan?

    What is Sudan's experience with Egypt?

    What 'benefits' can the Sudanese gain from Egypt? - None.
    The inverse is well known.

    What makes Egypt better than the US, China or even Israel?

    No one forces the 500+ Sudanese refugees to seek refuge 'from' Egypt and risk their lives to go to Israel...

    So basically Egypt, the US and Israel are all the same in that they have 'selfish' interests in Sudan.

    At least the US and Israel don't illegally occupy Sudanese territory like what Egypt does in Halayeb...

    Egypt even agreed to international arbitration with Israel whilst refusing it with Sudan.

    As for the droves of refugees from Sudan, it's only fair what with the influx of cheap Egyptian labour flooding Sudan...

  24. @Zol: To avoid arguments that would lead no where, Egypt has done nothing for Sudan, Ill assume that and yet again, when it comes to the issue of Israel and your content and happiness to its involvement in your affairs and your looking forward to more cooperation, the issue has nothing to do with Egypt it has to do with your own lack of principles. Dnt come here preaching independence of Halayieb and complaining about abuses of rights and then defend your president the criminal and Israel and rushing into your arms.
    :D The US made ur country split and Israel has influence in your south, Im sure uve read some books to knw that occupation doesnt have to be by army and physical. Why wld they need to be there when they are making u do their job for them!! TABA was an Egyptian land, the contest was bec Israel happens to be occupying Palestine, stop mixing two issues that dnt mix. Halayieb is a contested territory, with maps showing it originally in Egypt and then unofficial demarkations at later time showing it as in Sudan. Legally, these are completely different issues to Taba.
    I really dnt see your last statement as making any sense, write in Arabic if you cant properly express your ideas in English. Im also sure you thought Id be insulted, well let me tell you this, Im happy Egyptian farmers are taking jobs in Sudan, Im also happy every time an Egyptian takes a job abroad or not, doesnt matter and as far as working in Sudan is concerned and per Sudanese friends, better have Egyptians than Chinese.
    As for your "No one forces the 500+ Sudanese refugees to seek refuge 'from' Egypt and risk their lives to go to Israel..." you really have no shame. These refugees left bec of your own failure not ours and btw, Egypt isnt considered a permanent point of stay for refugees, no wonder since we have high unemployment and high population, so, dnt throw this on us its all on you and this Israel you are so happy about getting in bed with is the same one making us shoot them down, the same one not taking them in, they even turned down a decision to establish a refugees city and the same one where they get to work almost as slaves under terrible conditions. But what can I say, this statement is expected from someone like you who refuses to see how his own ppl are responsible for wt happened to these refugees and to the entire country. Keep the blame Egypt band on, youll only wake up when all is lost.

  25. I can't wait till the government in Sudan falls, till people take over who put the Sudanese citizen first, who will:
    Rescind the 4 Freedoms and protect Sudanese jobs,
    Take a more aggressive stance on the illegal military occupation of Halayeb and your double standard is sickening - illegal military occupation is wrong everywhere and the peoples of Halayeb are Sudanese and you know that,
    Sign up to the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement and activate the 1993 Agreement with our fraternal neighbour Ethiopia,
    Outdo the Egyptians at their own 'principled' game - no more fighting in their wars, relations with Israel (how shameless can you be to say you were forced into those relations),
    Reviving the timeless slogan of al Imam AbdelRahman al Mahdi that Sudan is for the Sudanese in the face of Egyptian interference.
    It's only a matter of time.
    And none of us defend the President who was foolish enough to fight in your war.
    And the refugees flee Egypt's racism for Israel and that much is fact.
    Your questioning my English is truly laughable.
    Change is coming, it's only a matter of time.

  26. Sudanese Optimist12/27/2010 01:43:00 AM

    The same one making you shoot them down?
    Making you brutalize them at Mustafa Mahmoud?
    Yes you have a big population and high unemployment and we have our issues so I propose a border wall like the one with Gaza and the Mex-US one so each can solve their own problems.

  27. To Zeinobia who said:

    "Israel kills children and civilians just like Al Bashir but in more elegant way"

    No, actually we kill terrorists who hide behind children and civilians:

  28. Well, if u want a wall that makes u of the same line of thinking as those idiots thinking walls solve the problem. Yes, countries are allowed to shoot down any one who is attempting to illegally cross the borders, the same would happen with Egyptians attempting to cross illegally, the same is happening with smugglers both palestinian and egyptian, if they make it to the Israeli borders and were caught or seen Israel will also shoot them down. True, our regime is doing Israels role bec we cld simply leave them as Israels problems, i would assume however, that after bombings in Sinai no one can be left to roam around just like that, esp since those involved in transferring the refugees across boarders are gangs and cld have ties to other illegal trades such as drugs. You know very well that it was the UN behind the problem of the refugees at Moustafa Mahmoud, they were no longer considered at a threat and were told they need to go back to Sudan and they do not want to go back to Sudan. No one is saying wt happened in mohandeseen or even wts happening to the refugees at the boarders is correct or fine but again, we didnt start the problem, your ppl did when they drove them off and again when they failed in making them feel safe enough to return. If Egyptians attempted to illegally cross your boarders, will your troops greet them w flowers? I dnt think so.
    In all cases, how is this point relevant to the original discussion here! Again, deviating from the main issues.

  29. @Zol: I:
    Questioning your English was spot on so dnt get angry bec u made a mistake. Oh wait, Im Egyptian and u r Sudanese so ur mistakes must be my fault :D

    So, as a Mahdist w a magic wand, ur solution to Sudans problems is to go & apply a principle that was developed at completely different times?! Wow, in case u havent noticed, Egypt isnt the one in control of Sudan. Dnt u need to worry about hmm lets see, countries that have brought this split on you going after your resources & increasing the gulf between Sudanese by spreading "label frenzies" ranging from race, tribe, location all but the imp one: "a Sudanese"?!! Man, take a country like the US, despite the sanction, an actor can steer things against ur country & regime :D

    Yes, we were forced to take the peace deal w Israel. We were able to fight Israel but not able to fight the US that jumped to help Israel afterwards. Participating in a just war is an honour to any one & only a fool w no principles wld think otherwise. Probably, having the honour to participate in the October war is one of few good things your criminal president did in his life. You on the other hand r choosing willingly to deal w an occupying force that has grabbed an entire country & labelled it something else & took the lives & hopes of its true inhabitants. SHAME ON YOU FOR CLAIMING TO BE DEFENDING YOUR COUNTRY'S TERRITORIAL RIGHTS AND SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS AND THEN BE SO HAPPY ABOUT HAVING SUCH CONNECTIONS WITH ISRAEL. Goes to show how you stand for no real principles. The issue with Israel isnt about Egypt, if Egypt is on the wrongs w its relations w Israel that doesnt make her a pattern for others to follow & its funny how u claim change is coming in the sense of Sudanese affairs being freed from the supposed imaginary claws of Egypt, yet u r so happy bec ull be able to follow suit & deal with Israel just bec Egy does, inferiority complex rings a bell here.

  30. @Zol: II

    Oh, after talking on behalf of all Africans, Southern Sudanese, Ethiopians & all of the Nile basin countries, u now think u can talk on behalf of refugees in Egypt!! Actually, if u knw any thing about the issue, by the admittance of several refugees in interviews by specialised entities, Egypt is usually not their last stop, not the place where they want to seek to stay for good, for obvious reasons stated above. Israel has documented and public issue w racism, esp against black jews. So no u got it wrong, its all about havng any opportunity wt so ever & may be a back-door to EU or the US. Again, regardless of how bad things r in Egypt or Israel, this goes back to u, wht hv u done to make Sudan appealing for those u pushed out? Before u come here & dare to comment & preach, look at wht u have caused those refugees, who pushed them out? Egyptians or fellow Sudanese? Why dnt they want to go back? Bec Egyptians are there or bec of fellow Sudanese?

    So, much for the change thats coming your way Mahdist style. You are not even split and your lunatic of a president is allowing the lashing of a woman for wearing pants, and declaring he will be forcing on the "free" ppl of North Sudan a more strict Islamic (by his twisted standards of course) society!!

    Instead of picking up a fight with Egypt be sure to keep your 1, 2 or may be 3 Sudans from fighting each other. As for cancelling the 4 freedoms to protect Sudan jobs, well you know very well that the working force in Sudan isnt sufficient so cancel as much as you want, in the end you will be allowing workers from cultures that are so different from yours in i.e. obliterating your culture and creating problems in the society and there are Sudanese who have interests&businesses in Egypt as well as refugees, who will be affected by that cancellation, so we wont be the ones hurting alone. Oh, and in a World of Global trade, this will have limited effect.

    As for signing the Nile Basin treaty well, its clear that Egypts position is that we are against forcing our hands & having sm countries being pushed by Israel on that issue but arent against modifying the issues in a context of increasing cooperation and discussions. which so far has been well received by others. So, may God defeat the bad intentions of ppl like you, there wont be any fighting over the water and/or among these countries.

  31. Egyptian 'Sudan expert' Qandeel laughs at the attachment by some of the Sudanese to the English language - saying 'as if the Southerners are from Cambridge' - very laughable indeed.

    The only good thing Bashir did was to fight in your war - that's extremely laughable - you've made my day.

    What a fool he was to risk his life in Egypt's war for a nation that would occupy part of Sudan in time...

    The Sudanese will not allow the illegal military occupation of Halayeb to go - Halayeb is under illegal military annexation - in this regard Egypt is no different from Israel in the Golan.

    You have no inter-cultural depth and work on slogans and generalisations which do not apply to Sudan or the Sudanese.

    Al-Imam AbdelRahman's words were the spirit driving Sudan's last democratically elected government in...1986 - long after independence...

    Let's talk facts:
    Sudan's population of 40 million is not short of labour - therefore all foreign labour - especially that of Egyptians who 'believe' they are culturally close to the Sudanese and have a sense of entitlement - should be stopped and God willing it will be - it's only a matter of time.

    The amount of Sudanese people in the Gulf dwarfs those in Egypt as do their remittances as do the numbers who registered for the elections - stop falsifying facts by decreasing Sudan's labour force and exaggerating Sudanese demographics and economic interests in Egypt which are but a drop in the ocean.

    What is more any agreement that is not reciprocally implemented and has equitable benefit should be rescinded and this applies directly to the 4 Freedoms and it's only a matter of time...

    Some of the refugees are genuine and some are economic migrants - in both cases they would prefer to go to Israel than to remain in Egypt and that is extremely telling...

    Your superficiality blinds you from seeing the perspective of others - the 1959 Agreement is 'inequitable' and 'inequity' is unsustainable - whether Israel sides with the Upstream States - or not.

    'We' and the Southerners and the Ethiopians and Kenyans are on one page.

    May the intentions of those who believe their selfish interests are 'noble' and who trample on the rights of others through tolerating racism in the media, exonerating illegal military occupation in Halayeb and turning a blind eye to freedom fighters campaigning for liberty in Halayeb and claiming God given rights in a natural resource belonging to all (the Nile) be defeated - and they will be - it's only a matter of time.

  32. hey Sudanese trolls check this out

    And to the last one commenting, stop eating ur words, I though the refugees are leaving Egypt bec of the abuse now u r giving other economic reasons and stating they r better off in Israel so, why are u blaming us then? Also, u didnt answer my question, who is responsible for creating the refugees issue in the first place and what did the Sudanese do to make them feel safe and wanting to go back? Stop evading real questions. Also, stop talking on behalf of others. When an important treaty is put up for review bec an outsider is pushing for that that shld be an alarming fact to all involved and yes Egypts position is correct in refusing the involvement of outsiders in the whole process directly or indirectly. No where did I write that Egypt wont look at the treaty bec of Israel's role, so stop making up words I didnt write and replying to them.
    Again, before using big words like racism, selfish interests, halayieb, look at ur self, ur racism drove ppl out of ur country making them refugees, and today leading ur country to split, ur selfishness makes u care today for Halayeb but fail to answer my question about what did Sudan do to the ppl of that area? and why ur interest in it was only shown when discoveries of oil were made? The claims u make about us at the end are in ur mind only and appeal to your ill soul and ignorant mind.

  33. Hey Anonymous read this:

    Southern Sudanese called "slaves" by Cairo airport staff

    December 23, 2010 (CAIRO),37411

    I guess the Southerners also have ill souls and ignorant minds whilst you and others like you who tolerate racism in their media, are selective about the noble causes they champion - based on 'national interest' and are 'truly' ignorant about 'the other' beyond dog-eared slogans have 'illumined minds' and 'pure souls'!

    Sudan's interest in Halayeb took place after oil was discovered?!?!

    When was oil discovered?!?!

    Sudan successfully complained to the Security Council about Nasser's Egypt in the first post-independence democratically elected government...

    Get your facts straight.

    War drives refugees from their homes - that is elementary.

    Sudan is splitting because this is the historical promise of the people of the South.

    And 'please' don't quote someone like Qutbi Al-Mahdi (no relation to the Imam Al-Mahdi family by the way) - this is a shameless political relations exercise aimed at diverting attention from the separatists in the ruling party in Khartoum.

    You should know that the easiest way of diverting attention from narrow political criticism is to drag the bogey-man out - and in this case it's the US and Israel.

    And the 'New Sudan' project is 'not' an Israeli creation - it's a Sudanese project by the Sudanese, for the Sudanese and it's alive and kicking.


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