Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sidi Bou Zid Revolt : It is Biased World my Dear “Updated”

Because Tunisia is not Iran , the Western media does not show what is happening in Tunisia as it should.
Some call what is currently happening in Sidi Bou zid city as riots or other labeled as violence  while I say it as an attempt to revolt against oppression and unjust. It reminds so much with what happened in Mahalla from couple of years ago if you remember.
Officially the clashes started from last week ago when a 26 years old man committed suicide objecting unemployment and bad conditions in the city followed with angry protests that were met with the usual police brutality and use of live ammunition killing and injuring  citizens. As a result of that ill treatment the people are more angrier to the level of starting a small revolt that seemed to be getting bigger. The regime of course called the citizens troublemakers in its pathetic poor statement. "Did you see how the president has got a separate section for his activities in the Tunis Afrique Presse agency website !!?"

Here is a video taken from 6 days ago when the clashes started

فيديو: صور حية عن مواجهات المتظاهرين في سيدي بوزيد مع قوات البوليس from tunisians on Vimeo.

Here is another video taken from 4 days at night showing the city at night where the security forces fired tear gas grenades

Sidi Bouzid by night, clashes and tear gas grenades from tunisians on Vimeo.

Here is a photo for a Tunisian kid , yes kid after being tortured for a whole night in a police station at Menzel  Bouzaiane city and this is just the tip of the ice berg. I think that police station was set on fire

Where is Laila Ben Ali !!?
More updates to come insh Allah


  1. Well I haven't seen any sound argument to your analysis... videos shown are about routine work of anti-riot police forces, can see that in every town over the world. Yes, the tortured kid picture is unacceptable, but why don't you mind your own business as your country is a world class torture master?

  2. My dear you should and its sites to see my sources in what is happening in Tunisia , second , if you are regular visitor for my blog , you will know that I mind my country business very well when it comes to human rights violations ;)

  3. Let's play a game! See who can guess Anonymous's name. My 1st guess is Tunisian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr. Lazhar Bououn! Am I right?

  4. Word to the first Anonymous if he is lazhar bououn or someone else in the ministry, "BE A MAN" !!
    كن نزيهًا


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