Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Salah Jahin

From 80 years ago in Cairo on that day , a baby  boy was born and was named Mohamed Salah ; later he would be known worldwide as Salah Jahin.
That baby boy grew up to become one of Egypt’s most important poets and cartoonists , that baby boy grew up to become a young man with a heart of 1000 years old , that baby boy grew to become an old man that is telling us to kiss the magical night of Cairo and not to visit his tomb, that baby boy grew to wonder on how a human can torture his human brother.That baby boy grew to love Egypt madly.
History may say what it wishes in Egypt name
Egypt, for me, is the most beloved and most beautiful of things.
I love her when she owns the earth, east and west.
And I love her when she is down, wounded in a battle.
I love her fiercely, gently and with modesty.
I hate her and curse her with the passion of the lovesick.
I leave her and flee down one path, and she remains in another .
She turns to find me beside her in misfortune.
My veins pulsating with a thousand tunes and rhythms.
In Egypt's name.
Salah Jahin’s Quatrains with Jahin’s own voice.
This is just a happy birthday post to Salah Jahin , may Allah bless his soul

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  1. I don't know how old are you, but I grew up living the dream that Jahin has articulated. Oh, those were lovely days.


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