Friday, December 31, 2010

Day No.14 : Tunisia Uprising

For the 14th day in a row the Tunisians continued their protest , for the two weeks now the Tunisians are moving more and more towards an uprising and the world does not want its Christmas and new year vacation to be disturbed. Tunisian people are still angry and the regime wants to control that anger with the security backlash . 
Last Thursday “December 30th , 2010” unfortunately witnessed the murder of another young man on the hand of the security services not in Sidi Bou Zid but rather Sfax, the young man was shot during a protest in his back and died from his injuries in the hospital. Jebiniana in Sfax witnessed a protest that was cracked down by the security forces which attacked the citizens’ houses and the shops . The forces closed down the cafes and shops. Up till now two were only  reportedly injured including a school boy.
Now to our daily video round brought you by  Nawaat :

فيديو: إمرأة مسنة تلقي خطابا في الطريق العام أمام قوات تحاصر تجمع المح from tunisians on Vimeo. That old lady gave anti-Ben Ali speech in front of the security forces.
Clashes between protesters and security forces Feriana from two days ago
Here is a protest in Siliana city
A protest in Siliana
The protests on Thursday reached to Djerba , Mahdia,
From Mahdia
The people were chanting “ Work, Freedom , dignity and patriotism” , they also swore with their blood and soul to protect Tunisia not to protect Ben Ali.
There was also a protest in Monastir at down town , again it was cracked violently by the police forces that closed most shops and cafes to avoid any gathering. The lawyers in Sousse tried organize a protest but the police cracked down violently also and confiscated their mobile phones, allegedly there are casualties.  The unemployed workers and unionists organized a protest in the city of Maktar also in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid against unemployment and corruption. The Facebook activists tried to organize a protest in Bab Jazira city but failed.
Internet was reportedly cut from certain areas in Tunisia through out the day , users report difficulties in uploading video files in Facebook more and more. This wesbite “Bab Tounes” will show in real time all the tweets related to #Tunisia and #Sidbouzid. I think #Tunise has managed to become a local trend in France.
The Tunisian communities in Europe managed to organize small protests in several European cities.
Back to Cairo the Tunisian uprising was being highlighted expectedly by opposition figures calling for change in Egypt like for instance Dr. Hassan Nafae and Amr El-Shobki, after what is happening in Tunisia is expected to happen at any moment in Egypt.
Next Sunday Egyptian activists will hold a stand in solidarity with the Tunisian people at Talaat Herb square. I wonder if the Egyptian police will crack it down as it always does !!
After two weeks based on the few videos we have got , also the few info available, there is no doubt that the real force for these protests spreading through out the Tunisia are the unemployed ,the unionists and the working class. Again this is based on the information available ,up till now we do know exactly the number of causalities. 

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