Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Students Are still Angry .. And On strike (Updated)

on candlelight
According to all experts the 2010 was another strike and protests year where protesting have become an integral part of daily life , that fear barrier is being crossed now and many people across the country from many classes and from many sectors. One of the biggest changes in 2010 that middle class school students and their parents have joined the protesters club in the country thanks to Ahmed Zaki Badr.
Yesterday the students and parents in EGC found that the junior building was closed by the orders of the ministers and the teachers were being transferred to other schools. “he then said that they can stay or go to wherever they want” .The students and parents had a protest late at night for fear that the schools would be closed in Alexandria in these bad weather conditions. Here is a video for the protest in night , you can see the girls singing on the candlelight “the police will love that”

The students are still on strike despite the exams will start next week.
The minister as usual made his usual round in the nights talk show to defend his decision , he even sent copies from the complaints he received from the schools. There were complaints , nobody denied that , it seems that there was corruption too but that does not give him the right to change a whole system and downgraded , you can change the headmistress and headmaster as you want , you can fire and sue the school boards as you want but not to o change the whole school system not to mention in the middle of the school year !! Badr is furious on how the girls of EGC are trying to contact Queen Sofia and the Spanish embassy ! Well I think he will be more furious when he knows that the graduates of EGC living in the States are sending angry faxes to the Egyptian embassy in D.C
The schools in Alexandria are joined by 6th of October language school. It is new school compared to other schools. Misr Al Nahrada aired a report from the school where the little students spoke on why they refuse the pilot or experimental schools  “do not know the right translation for it because honestly I do not understand the difference between it and regular public school except that it accepts only high score”
The national institution schools
I love the little girl who cried in the end when she was asked why she wants her school to remain among the national institutions. Also why did Mahmoud Mohi El-Din return back to Egypt ?? What will he sell this time ? “I know that he is spending the Christmas vacation here”
This little girl cried on TV 
Ahmed Zaki Badr you are cruel.
Today there is a big change in the case of the national institutions schools case at least in Alexandria because the students' parents may get a court rule from the administrative court today to nullify the minister’s decision at 4 PM. The students and their parents are currently having a stand in front of the court in Alexandria. Again this is not only an elitist protest , it is a protest for a class that fears its extinction.
Here is the school this morning.

Here is it at the administrative court

These boys and girls are the true hope of this country with their persistence to stand against the government using all their constitutional rights.  
Update : 

  • The parents' case in front of the administrative court has been accepted and the parents now will have to present a writ in order to appeal  the minister's decision

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